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Elevating hiring performance: The value of a structured work tech platform

Explore how your business can elevate hiring performance, increase efficiencies and create a top-notch candidate pipeline by using Greenhouse.

Article, Talent strategy

Transforming your business: The value of structure in modern hiring practices

By adopting structured, data-driven approaches and leveraging hiring work tech tools like Greenhouse, organizations propel themselves toward becoming the employers of choice for top-tier talent.

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People-first hiring in action: Meet the 9 Talent Makers award finalists

After receiving hundreds of applications from hiring teams of all sizes, we’re thrilled to introduce our 2023 Talent Makers® award finalists. Whether they teamed up with recruiters to find and attract top talent or inspired their organization to promote people-first practices, these champions excelled at creating a culture of great hiring this year.

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Budget management for talent acquisition teams: 5 tips to get ahead

Learn how to level up your talent acquisition budget management game and create an efficient talent spending plan

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Affirmative action and hiring: How the Supreme Court ruling affects corporate recruiting

Our very own Chief People Officer, Donald Knight, and MH Worklife CEO, Blessing Adesiyan, joined our LinkedIn Live to discuss the 2023 Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action.

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Five steps to efficiently manage your HR data quality

We’re sharing five steps to revolutionize how your organization manages hiring data for enhanced efficiency and informed decision-making within Greenhouse.

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With great power comes great responsibility: A commitment to data privacy with AI use

Here’s why AI and data security protection should be considered from the earliest stages of design throughout the lifecycle of product engineering and development.

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How to support caregivers in the workplace: Advice from Greenhouse, Uber, Something Major and Glossier

What matters most to caregivers in the workplace and how can you retain them? Find out in this article featuring leaders from Greenhouse, Uber, Something Major and Glossier.