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You want to hire the absolute best candidates – so does everyone else. Sourcing and hiring top talent, especially in a competitive market, can be expensive and time-consuming. But if you leverage technology like hiring software, you can cut down on the countless hours your hiring team needs to find and hire the best candidates.

That’s where Greenhouse comes in. It’s a go-to hiring software for enterprises and high-growth brands looking to accelerate, simplify and streamline operations while containing costs.

Organizations that use Greenhouse for their recruiting and hiring processes see measurable benefits and a high return on investment (ROI). Let’s explore a few ways you can achieve a great recruiting ROI when you add Greenhouse to your hiring tech stack.

Higher recruiter efficiency

Want to increase efficiency? It starts with understanding what goes into sourcing and hiring talent. Recruiting is an involved, multi-step process that includes:

  • Managing hiring budgets
  • Curating employer brands
  • Analyzing job board success
  • Monitoring and tweaking the candidate experience
  • And much more

Without the right technology to streamline processes, your recruiting team might let things slip through the cracks, struggle to keep up or piecemeal processes. They’re settling for workable – but mediocre – processes.

And “just okay” isn’t good enough. Your recruitment process should be exceptional, and it starts with bringing all your processes together.

Core Recruiting teams using Greenhouse have seen 36% more efficiency*.

Faster time to offer

As your business grows and the need for talent intensifies, you can’t wait around for a candidate to accept your job offer. Tracking and measuring your average time-to-offer is crucial to creating a more efficient and expedient recruiting and hiring process.

And it could come down to how quickly – or slowly – you make the offer. Extending an offer fast could be the difference between “Offer accepted!” and a strong candidate getting snatched up by another company while you’re waiting to make an offer.

A connected, structured hiring process lets you make that offer faster so you don’t lose out on talent. And teams using Greenhouse make offers 29% faster*.

The numbers are in!

Dozens of tools, platforms and software can aid the recruiting and hiring process. But the results are in, and the recruiting ROI of Greenhouse is:

  • Millions in benefits, including cost savings, staff efficiencies, and increased productivity
  • Speedy payback on investment
  • Increased diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives met

Greenhouse is your team’s superpower, helping accelerate growth and streamline once-complicated processes so they can achieve more – faster.

589% three year return on investment*

From getting team members on the same page with sourcing and managing requisitions to cutting out inefficiencies with a centralized platform, Greenhouse reduces wasted time and money.

Organizations partnering with Greenhouse see a strong recruiting ROI with triple-digit returns within three years.

Investment payback in 7 months*

Greenhouse lets you tackle several initiatives simultaneously, from implementing new goal-oriented sourcing strategies to meeting DE&I targets. Streamlining through a powerhouse hiring software leads to new levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. And that pays off within seven months for Greenhouse users.

$121K annual benefits per recruiter*

On average, companies realize benefits worth $6.65 million per organization – or $121K per recruiter per year*. Greenhouse allows recruiters to create more streamlined and effective recruiting processes that align with business outcomes.

The result? Bringing an average $4.38 million per organization per year in increased revenue* through optimized talent sourcing and employee contributions. It’s the right people at the right time on the right platform.

More diversity, equity and inclusion

DE&I is more than a passing trend – savvy companies celebrate diversity and build DE&I strategies that support employees and the bottom line. And the stats back it up: companies with women and Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) in leadership roles outperform their homogenous industry counterparts by 39%. [SG1] And organizations partnering with Greenhouse realize 56% more of their DE&I initiatives*.

*Source: IDC Business Value White Paper, sponsored by Greenhouse, The Business Value of Greenhouse, doc #US51754124, May 2024

What’s your hiring ROI?

Whether you’re looking to increase your recruiting ROI, exploring options or just curious about how much you can save by using Greenhouse, the IDC Snapshot Tool, sponsored by Greenhouse, can help. Use it to calculate your potential hiring ROI.

And if you want to learn more about why organizations use Greenhouse to get more out of their recruiting and hiring efforts, download the IDC Business Value White Paper, sponsored by Greenhouse, The Business Value of Greenhouse.

Calculate your hiring ROI with Greenhouse
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