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Helping companies become great at hiring is why we at Greenhouse, work at Greenhouse. We want to help everyone think of hiring as the most valuable path to business success. Why? Because at the end of the day, effective hiring connects people with the right jobs, and hiring managers with the right talent. And maybe this is a little bit out there, but I think that if that can impact people’s day to day happiness, that’s something worth aspiring to.

That’s why we’ve created the concept of Talent Makers. It’s the idea that successful hiring is a strategic capability and a major factor in helping businesses achieve their goals. And its aim is to reframe how we talk about and approach hiring. There is a shift happening in the business world, as CEOs, executives and hiring managers are realizing they’re competing for talent just like they do for customers. Great talent practitioners and savvy hiring managers know they must drive the conversation and change the way companies source, attract and onboard talent —that’s where the Talent Makers come in.

We’re offering up more than just this concept. We’ve developed resources, including videos, a podcast series and blog content, as well as a whole lot more to guide you through your own journey to becoming a Talent Maker. This is just the beginning. We’ll be sharing new episodes of our new podcast, Talent Makers Studio, and fresh content regularly, so check back frequently on our Talent Maker Hub.

What’s a Talent Maker?

Launched at the Greenhouse OPEN 2019 conference, Talent Makers embraces the strategic part of structured hiring that Greenhouse is known for. When it comes to our product, we think about how to innovate so companies can become better at hiring through technology. But the other side of that is the strategic thinking that drives hiring decisions. We’ve always built this into our products but Talent Makers puts this front and center.

As our CMO, Carin Van Vuuren, shared in her blog when we first announced Talent Makers, there are several attributes that propels someone to these ranks of forward-thinking leaders:

  • Their talent acquisition process delivers great results, consistently.
  • They’re driving real business growth in their company and have the numbers to prove it.
  • They’re vocal about how the value of great hiring to the success of the entire organization.

We know that the best business leaders make talent and hiring central in their strategy. And that’s why they win. Which is why we’ve developed the Talent Makers Hub and the Talent Maker Primer guide book, as well as an engaging and actionable workshop.

Greenhouse CEO Daniel Chait speaks at Greenhouse Open 2019 conference

Talent Makers Studio podcasts

Given this is a new concept, there’s a sizable divide between being wanting to become a strategic Talent Maker and walking the walk. We’ve tapped several executives, Talent leaders and hiring managers to share their experience as Talent Makers, including how they’ve positioned talent within their organizations, things they’ve learned along the journey and the new ways they’re approaching business with a talent-first mindset.

Tune in to our first season of Talent Makers Studio, as we share seven podcasts with some amazing people including Claude Silver, the Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia, Steven Broudy, Vice President and Head of Sales at Bevy, and many more. This first season is hosted by Lauren Ryan, Head of People Products & Planning at Stripe. Our episodes feature leaders from every part of the business, including Sales and Engineering, and are one-on-one conversations in which they share how they prioritize great hiring - and the impact it has on their organizations.

Two business leaders speaking at the Talent Makers Studio podcast

Talent Maker Primer

A concept without action is just an idea. To help you put the strategies of Talent Makers into practice, we’ve compiled research into an introduction to talent making called the Talent Maker Primer.

This guidebook highlights top tips for getting your organization on board with talent making. In conversations with business leaders across industries, we found that many cited talent as a top concern but few had tangible actions in place to address this. We developed this informative guide to help you kick off some talent making in your own company.

To discover the Talent Makers framework as well as tips and helpful guidance, access the Talent Makers Primer on the Talent Makers Hub.

Talent Maker Workshops

We’re also rolling out Talent Maker Workshops, coming this fall. These sessions, led by Greenhouse talent experts, are designed specifically for hiring managers and business leaders to elevate the way they approach hiring in their own companies. Learn more at and sign up to learn more about bringing this program to your company!

Finding and attracting great talent goes beyond the recruiting team - It’s everyone’s responsibility. Access all of the Talent Maker resources, podcasts, videos and more at

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Dinah Alobeid

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