At open 2019, we’re ushering in a new era in the talent Industry: Get ready to meet the Talent Makers

Daniel OPEN

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In today’s economy, the product isn’t nearly as important as the people who make it. Talent has a huge impact on a company’s bottom line, and the ability to find and hire the right talent drives the difference between companies that win, and everyone else.

So why then do we see so many bad hiring practices around? If you ask business leaders, they certainly believe in the value of hiring – 46% of them feel that Talent-related concerns are their most important business problem! However, despite knowing that there is a problem, they don’t know how to fix it.

Leaders who view hiring as largely the responsibility of recruiters will fall behind in the race for great talent. And ultimately, their business success will be limited by their ability to hire the right people Why? Because a recruiter is only as good as the hiring manager on any open position.

We have all seen great recruiters source applicants and bring forward the best candidates, only to have the hiring manager drop the ball at the 10-yard line. Then companies throw their hands up and act like hiring is about luck and not strategic process.

At Greenhouse we set out to understand why some business leaders were finding progress in attracting, hiring and retaining great people to be so challenging. We talked to leaders throughout their organizations — the heads of sales and engineering as well as HR — and we started to see clear patterns separating great from merely good hiring practices.

We found that successful companies have business leaders that put talent at the core of their business.

In today’s OPEN keynote session, our CEO Daniel Chait will unpack this Talent Maker concept in his keynote session at OPEN 2019, and share from the playbook of Talent Makers who have figured out how to be great at hiring. In the Talent Makers in Recruiting workshop on Day 2 of OPEN will share actionable strategies for Talent Professionals to partner effectively with business leaders in their organization.

Because hiring the right people can make or break a company, business leaders can’t leave it to the Recruiting team alone to make the magic. They need to recognize the imperative of transforming hiring from a back of house HR function, to an “all hands on deck” strategic priority for everyone.

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