Announcing Open 2019: Transforming the conversation around talent

Announcing OPEN 1

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I recently joined Greenhouse as the new CMO because I strongly believe in their mission: to help companies be great at hiring. As a hiring manager, I have dealt with the impact of a poor hire and know many other business leaders who have suffered through the same. I truly believe that Greenhouse is committed to transforming hiring in a way that no one else is, and it is inspiring!

I’m thrilled to announce that registrations have just opened for Greenhouse OPEN 2019. While you may have attended this event in the past, I’m confident that this year’s event is going to be the start of a new conversation about hiring. In the current climate, the competition for talent is fiercer than ever, and business leaders are increasingly realizing they need a new approach.

The ability to find, attract and hire great people has become more important than ever, demanding the participation and engagement of the entire organization. At OPEN 2019, we will focus on and celebrate a new generation of Talent Makers – the unsung heroes of the hiring process and the business leaders who see the problem and champion great hiring and talent-making to drive their businesses forward.

What is a Talent Maker?

The Talent Makers I know have a few markers that make them stand out. They have a rigorous talent acquisition process that delivers great results, repeatedly. They are driving real business growth in their company. They have seat at the table. And they are vocal about how crucial great hiring is to the success of the entire organization. At Greenhouse we think these people should be celebrated. Their brains should be picked. Their secrets shared. They are the superheroes of hiring and they are blazing the trail for the rest of the industry.

At Greenhouse OPEN 2019 we will start to unpack what great Talent Practitioners and savvy Hiring Managers do to drive the talent conversation and change the way their companies source, attract and onboard talent to drive their growth.

Join us!

Whether you’re already a Talent Maker yourself or want to learn how to become one, please join me and 1000+ of your closest industry peers and colleagues at Greenhouse OPEN 2019. Together we will learn from each other, share best practices and dive deeper into the transformative impact of great hiring. You’ll leave with new strategies, a bigger network and real-world examples of how great hiring changes companies. I believe that this important conversation will be the launching pad for a shift in the way hiring is viewed. You’re not going to want to miss it.

I can’t wait to attend my first OPEN, and I look forward to meeting exceptional Talent Makers there.

Greenhouse OPEN 2019 is happening June 12 & 13, 2019, in NYC at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center. You can get early bird tickets at a discount if you register here.