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Recruiters know that finding top talent is essential to business success. One of the most effective ways to do this is by sending outreach emails to passive candidates to connect and expand your talent pool. However, finding and cultivating relationships with candidates can be time-consuming, especially if the entire process is handled manually without a candidate sourcing tool.

That's where Greenhouse Sourcing Automation is a game-changer. Our sourcing tool can help streamline your candidate sourcing strategy and free up valuable time so you can focus on what you do best: hiring exceptional talent.

To maximize your sourcing efforts, it's important to understand some of the key features, workflows and benefits of using Greenhouse Sourcing Automation.

Find and connect with the right people using the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension

Finding accurate contact information is crucial when reaching out to passive candidates, since it can mean the difference between your email being read and it never being seen at all. That’s why it’s important to invest in a candidate sourcing tool that provides you with reliable and up-to-date contact information.

With our Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension, your recruiting team can quickly discover and add prospects to Greenhouse CRM, all without disrupting your current workflow. Here’s how it works: if a prospect’s contact information is not listed in their profile on LinkedIn, GitHub, Indeed and AngelList, Greenhouse Sourcing Automation will run an email lookup to find that prospect's information. Our email lookup technology uses third-party data sources and verification checks to find accurate emails that would otherwise be difficult to find. In most instances, we can find emails 70–84% of the time when searching for personal emails and 80–85% of the time when searching for work emails. By focusing on data accuracy, Greenhouse Sourcing Automation ensures that your time and energy is spent on finding and connecting with the right people to accelerate your outreach efforts and improve your response rates.

Once a prospect’s email is found and added to an email campaign, you can personalize the first outreach message directly from the extension. You can also add candidate fields such as first name, company name and title, which will be populated automatically, making the personalization of messages that much quicker and easier.

Greenhouse Sourcing Automation also allows you to personalize your first email in the preview window of the Chrome extension for even more targeted messaging, all while browsing the candidate's profile for relevant information to highlight.

Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension
Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension

Create compelling emails and avoid spam filters with the email coach

What you send in your candidate outreach emails can determine whether or not they get opened and read. Candidates are more likely to open and read your emails if your copy is well-crafted and personalized, which can also result in higher reply rates. According to Campaign Monitor, personalized subject lines can boost open rates by up to 26%. However, if your emails get flagged as spam, it can negatively impact your sender reputation. This can cause emails sent from your email address to be redirected to spam folders or be completely blocked, limiting your ability to contact candidates in the future.

This is where Greenhouse Sourcing Automation’s email coach can help. When setting up your email campaigns and crafting your messaging, our email coach scans your email in real time to provide actionable suggestions for improving your email copy and deliverability. Potential suggestions include flagging excessive image usage, lengthy subject lines and words or phrases that can trigger spam filters. This ensures that your outreach emails follow best practices for landing in candidates' inboxes while also preventing potential mistakes from being overlooked.

GHSA email coach
Greenhouse Sourcing Automation email coach

Send automated outreach emails based on a set schedule

Manually sending outreach emails is one of the most time-consuming tasks that can divert your time and energy from other crucial tasks such as building relationships with candidates, developing well-crafted outreach messages and creating a great candidate experience.

With Greenhouse Sourcing Automation’s email scheduling feature, you can set up a custom cadence that automates sending initial outreach emails and followups, saving you valuable time and effort. You can even create a holiday schedule that specifies certain dates where no messages are sent to candidates. This ensures that your emails are sent at optimal times for greater visibility.

By automating your email campaigns and sending follow-up emails to candidates who haven’t responded to your initial outreach efforts, you can boost your chances of engaging with passive candidates. Similar to sales, the first outreach might not always result in a successful sale, so it’s important to follow up and re-engage with candidates to generate better results.

Greenhouse Sourcing Automation custom schedule
Greenhouse Sourcing Automation custom schedule

Track and measure your sourcing efforts with reporting data

A robust candidate sourcing strategy should enable you to make data-driven decisions by allowing you to measure the efficiency and success of your efforts. This can help you determine which email campaigns are generating the most opens, clicks, replies and conversions and which aren't, so you can adjust and optimize your strategy.

With Greenhouse Sourcing Automation’s reporting data, you can see how your recruiting team and campaigns are performing and where you’re seeing success. You can view the Contacts added report, Leaderboard report, Prospect conversion report and much more.

Greenhouse Sourcing Automation Leaderboard report
Greenhouse Sourcing Automation Leaderboard report

In addition to viewing reporting data across your team and email campaigns, you can view the data for individual email steps within a specific campaign. This allows you to recognize how each step is performing so you can identify the most engaging subject lines, email copy and calls-to-action to optimize your campaign performance.

Greenhouse Sourcing Automation step-level reporting
Greenhouse Sourcing Automation step-level reporting

Whether you're a growing startup or a large organization, Greenhouse Sourcing Automation is a cost-effective solution that can help you build your talent pipeline, scale your team and make better hiring decisions.

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