Sourcing Automation

Make sourcing your superpower

Find, reach and engage top talent quickly and effectively – all with Greenhouse.

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Greenhouse Recruiting SA hero

The easy, automated way to engage with talent

  • A single platform for both sourcing and hiring

  • Enriched contact data delivered right to you

  • Personalized and automated outreach campaigns

  • Robust reporting and analytics

Here’s how it works.

Greenhouse Recruiting SA CRM

Get even more out of your CRM

With the addition of Sourcing Automation to your Greenhouse Recruiting subscription, you’re bringing sourcing and structured hiring into one platform.

  • Find, manage and engage with talent all with Greenhouse
  • Enhance the power of your CRM with tools to better reach newly discovered passive talent and previous candidates you want to re-engage
  • Organize your Sourcing Automation users to make sure your team has the access they need with the click of a button
Greenhouse Recruiting SA chrome extension and campaign pools

Bring exciting talent into the Greenhouse CRM with ease

The Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension not only finds prospect contact information for you, but also makes bringing those contacts into the CRM a seamless process.

  • Get accurate contact information lookup functionality and more efficient data entry tools
  • Let our tech do the heavy lifting – we’ll auto-parse LinkedIn resume data and populate that information in the Chrome extension
  • Import contact details directly into talent pools and email campaign tools in the CRM
Greenhouse Recruiting SA personalized outreach

Stand out from the noise with personalized email campaigns

Personalize, automate and optimize your outreach campaigns, so your carefully crafted communication reaches inboxes, not spam folders.

  • Build robust outreach sequences with the multi-step email campaign editor
  • Manage day and send times with an automated email schedule
  • Customize your communication with in-line personalization tokens
  • Improve deliverability using our email coach features, with guidance on length, subject lines and more
Greenhouse Recruiting SA reporting

Evaluate your sourcing success with robust reporting

Analyze your prospect engagement and make specific, data-driven improvements to bolster your sourcing and outreach effectiveness.

  • View clear engagement metrics with new Greenhouse essential reports
  • Get your sourcing data alongside all your other Greenhouse hiring data, all in one place

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