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Reassess your recruiting strategy: How IonQ succeeds by having a people-first mentality

Find out how Rebecca Demarest Panzer, People Project Manager at IonQ takes their recruiting strategy to the next level by having a people-first mentality.

Article, Hiring tech stack, Talent operations

Elevating hiring performance: The value of a structured work tech platform

Explore how your business can elevate hiring performance, increase efficiencies and create a top-notch candidate pipeline by using Greenhouse.

Article, Roi and hiring metrics, Talent operations

Five steps to efficiently manage your HR data quality

We’re sharing five steps to revolutionize how your organization manages hiring data for enhanced efficiency and informed decision-making within Greenhouse.

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How upskilling and essential skills increase growth, development & retention

Focusing on growing your team's skills can help engage employees and be ready to meet the demands of the market.

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Positioning recruiting as a trusted advisor, RecFest 2023 session Recap

Recruiters often struggle to be seen as trusted business advisors. To help break the cycle, Greenhouse recently hosted a session at RecFest 2023 in Knebworth, UK. Here is a round-up of key learnings from the discussion.

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How to build an effective employee recognition program that improves recruiting

One way to make a positive impact on your recruiting team is by recognizing and rewarding them for the work they do. Find out how to build an effective employee recognition program.

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How hiring technology can help you meet your hiring goals: Tips from TA pros

In a recent event hosted by UNLEASH, Kristina Nieves, Vice President of Professional Services at Greenhouse, spoke with Josh Navarro, Director of Recruiting Operations at Udemy about the ups and downs of adopting hiring technology – the most common challenges and how to overcome them, how and when to involve other stakeholders and proven best practices to boost your chances of success. Discover some of the helpful highlights from their conversation here.

Article, Talent operations, Talent strategy

Strategic Greenhouse training: Harness your team’s potential for hiring success

We’re excited to share that Greenhouse now offers a 1:1 strategic training program that gives users the tools and resources they need to be as successful as possible at hiring, from day one.