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How hiring technology can help you meet your hiring goals: Tips from TA pros

In a recent event hosted by UNLEASH, Kristina Nieves, Vice President of Professional Services at Greenhouse, spoke with Josh Navarro, Director of Recruiting Operations at Udemy about the ups and downs of adopting hiring technology – the most common challenges and how to overcome them, how and when to involve other stakeholders and proven best practices to boost your chances of success. Discover some of the helpful highlights from their conversation here.

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Strategic Greenhouse training: Harness your team’s potential for hiring success

We’re excited to share that Greenhouse now offers a 1:1 strategic training program that gives users the tools and resources they need to be as successful as possible at hiring, from day one.

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Owning your quality of hire to recruit and retain top talent

Is quality of hire worth measuring? Thirty-nine percent of talent leaders believe it’s the most valuable metric for building winning teams. But what exactly does it mean and how do you measure it? Those questions are much harder to answer. We asked our panel of talent leaders at Greenhouse Open to weigh in.

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Drive efficiency and improve accountability with the new Greenhouse report dashboards

Our dashboards offer users an at-a-glance view of the most important core metrics and trends associated with offers and hires, recruiting efficiency, sourcing and pipeline health.

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Redefining HR: A must-read for forward-thinking people people

Learn to transform people teams to drive business performance with Lars Schmidt's new book – Redefining HR. In this article, we're reviewing this must-read transformational book and giving you a sneak peak into its compelling insights.

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Create an effective interview process with Greenhouse’s simplified interviewing permissions

Recruiting teams can now create an even more effective interview process with Greenhouse's new simplified permissions. Learn more from Michael Murphy, Sr. Product Manager at Greenhouse.

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The GDPR checklist for HR professionals

In this post, we’ll cover a quick overview of the regulation, outline a few scenarios for you to consider and make some recommendations to help you plan how to keep your hiring process GDPR compliant.

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6 areas business leaders should focus on when it comes to hiring

In 2020, many companies have adapted their hiring strategies toward a slowdown, an upturn in applicants, or a hiring freeze. These six areas of focus can help you get ready for what comes next.