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How CPOs are defining and creating a people-first hiring strategy

At the recent Resources for Humans event, Greenhouse’s Chief People Officer Donald Knight moderated a conversation between Andy Biga, Chief People Officer at GoHealth Urgent Care, Michele Fox, Chief People Officer at LifeLabs Learning and Sherika Ekpo, Interim Chief People Officer at Anaplan. Explore highlights and actionable takeaways from the panel here.

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We’re redesigning the Greenhouse app to improve the customer experience

Greenhouse is en route to becoming more consistent, easier to use and inclusive of all users. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be rolling out a redesign to the Greenhouse application that will improve the customer experience overall. Learn more here.

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On a hiring spree? Here are 4 hiring mistakes to avoid

When you’re on a hiring spree, there are plenty of pain points and potential problems that can arise. We caught up with three members of the Greenhouse talent acquisition team – Maria Culbertson, Team Manager, Talent Acquisition, Seán Delea, Team Manager, Talent Acquisition and Will Rubin, Team Manager, Technical Talent Acquisition – to hear some common mistakes companies make when scaling rapidly and how to avoid them.

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Set your structured hiring process up for success with Greenhouse’s new job kickoff form

Launching new roles just got so much easier. We’re excited to introduce the new job kickoff form, a configurable form that can be accessed directly in Greenhouse. This new tool empowers recruiter and hiring manager collaboration and sets the foundation for an enhanced structured hiring process.

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EMEA talent professionals, join us at Open Forum to transform your hiring practices

Your favorite hiring conference has gone virtual. Join us for the final Greenhouse Open Forum session of 2021, Transform Your Hiring Practices. This EMEA-focused event is coming to a screen near you on October 13.

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Implementing diversity hiring practices in a remote working world

LifeLabs Learning shares a few steps you can take to make inclusion part of the conversation – and part of your daily practice – at your company.

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Take your hiring from chaotic to confident with structured hiring

At Greenhouse Open Forum: Join the Talent Makers, panelists Grace Koo, Managing Director and Head of Talent Acquisition at KKR, Jan Fiegel, Head of Talent at Sidewalk Labs and Jill Macri, Partner/Co-founder at Growth by Design Talent, share how structured hiring has transformed their approach to recruiting. Get the key insights from that discussion in this recap.

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Scaling your business? Invest in hiring early on

Want to know the secret of high-growth businesses? Hanson Cheng, Founder of Freedom to Ascend and an expert in helping entrepreneurs accelerate their business growth, says it’s investing in hiring early on. Learn more about how and why you can be successful.