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Elevate your efficiency: How to use AI in recruiting

We spoke with Madeline Laurano, Founder of Aptitude Research, and Henry Tsai, Chief Product Officer at Greenhouse, about using artificial intelligence (AI) during the hiring process. Read the recap.

Article, Structured hiring, Talent operations

Reassess your recruiting strategy: How IonQ succeeds by having a people-first mentality

Find out how Rebecca Demarest Panzer, People Project Manager at IonQ takes their recruiting strategy to the next level by having a people-first mentality.

Article, Ai and automation, Structured hiring

With great power comes great responsibility: A commitment to data privacy with AI use

Here’s why AI and data security protection should be considered from the earliest stages of design throughout the lifecycle of product engineering and development.

Article, DE&I, Structured hiring

Show me the money: Why HR leaders are embracing pay transparency

Pay-transparency is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s a must. See why it’s essential and learn how to get leadership buy-in, in this blog.

Article, Roi and hiring metrics, Structured hiring

The key to hiring transparency? Revamping your goal-setting strategy

Talent leaders Lori Busch and Kathryn Cant joined our fireside chat to discuss goal-setting. We talked about leveraging data to create clear goals and why it’s crucial to get buy-in. Read the recap in this blog.

Article, Ai and automation, Structured hiring

The evolving legal landscape of AI in the hiring process

AI should not replace humans when it comes to hiring decision-making. Learn how to stay compliant and avoid the biases that AI-generated algorithms might create.

Article, Ai and automation, Structured hiring

How we’re embracing AI in our hiring software

Helping recruiters write job posts and candidate emails faster is only the beginning. We take a look at areas beyond the expected where we plan to use AI to improve how companies hire.

Article, DE&I, Structured hiring

How to hire the right person – part 1: Set up a structured and inclusive hiring process

We spoke with BambooHR about how to hire the right person and set up an inclusive hiring process. Read the recap in this two-part blog series.