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How Planet Labs PBC achieved next-level hiring efficiency with Greenhouse Goals

Planet is a leading provider of global satellite imagery and insights. We sat down with Clarence Lal, Planet’s Global Head of Talent Acquisition, to better understand how his team sets attainable stretch goals to elevate team-wide hiring performance and scale the business even faster.

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Achieve measurable success: Setting onboarding goals for new employees

Most new hires have a lot on their minds, from relationship-building to compliance tasks to learning a new role – now you can help set them up for measurable success with Greenhouse Onboarding Goals for New Hires.

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The state of inclusivity during the onboarding process: New research from Greenhouse and EVERFI

We wanted to understand how companies are making that kind of ongoing commitment to DE&I, so we partnered with EVERFI to survey over 200 global HR professionals. The results were illuminating and worth sharing. Let’s explore some of our key findings.

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How UK-based company Cutover onboarded over 75% of employees remotely

More and more employees starting jobs remotely means that hiring managers and people teams need to be much more intentional about creating a welcoming experience for new hires. Here's how to do it effectively.

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Overcoming virtual onboarding challenges when hiring for a hybrid workplace

New hire virtual onboarding presents a slew of logistical, technical and cultural challenges, especially as remote and hybrid working environments become the norm. The most thoughtful companies are creating new hire experiences that build belonging from day one. How are they doing this? We turned to the experts to find out.

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Create a seamless new hire experience with Greenhouse Welcome

Set your new hires up for success with a welcome experience that goes beyond logistics. Learn more about Greenhouse Welcome.

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A structured approach to onboarding engineers

Learn how Greenhouse approaches onboarding new engineering hires with a structured and repeatable process.

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3 essential tips for creating a virtual onboarding program

Whether you’re actively hiring or plan to hire soon, your hires will all need a quality virtual onboarding program when the time comes. We’ve made it easy to engage and support your new hires by identifying three areas of focus. Learn more here.