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HR is no longer as simple as receiving a resume through a fax machine and organizing contacts in your rolodex. We’re living in an era of advanced systems, designed to make our lives easier, but as many of us know, maintaining these systems and tracking your applicants can often be a tedious task. Now, talent acquisition and HR professionals as well as hiring managers can stay on the same page while creating a seamless candidate experience.

Talent teams and hiring managers are busier than ever trying to backfill essential roles and scale their businesses in a competitive market. On top of building relationships with candidates and updating internal stakeholders, recruiters and hiring managers are faced with daunting and repetitive tasks that keep hiring moving. This often shifts the focus to maintaining disparate systems, rather than creating a great hiring experience that attracts and secures top talent.

But these tasks, including maintaining current and up-to-date employee and candidate profiles, don’t have to be arduous. Instead, you can get time back to focus on building best-in-class teams with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR integration.

Get everything all in one place

Now, you can remove duplicative tasks required to keep these tools up to date. Recruiters can create a job requisition once in Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR and send that job to Greenhouse to begin sourcing. This will allow them to dedicate their time to sourcing and hiring the best candidates for their open roles.

Once you find the right candidate who accepts an offer, you can simply mark them as “hired” in Greenhouse. Their candidate data, including their name, office location, salary and other pertinent information will be passed over to Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR as a new hire profile.

Focus on building a great candidate and employee experience

With even more competing priorities and market changes, it’s important to attract top talent and follow through with an exceptional onboarding experience. Talent teams and hiring managers can use this integration to reduce redundant tasks and focus on building a company culture focused on the employee — not endless forms and repetitive questions.

When you’re able to focus on the person, you’re able to help them feel a sense of belonging and integrate them faster into your organization to set them up for success as a high performer. There’s nothing more important than that.

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Sean Murray

Sean Murray

serves as the Chief Revenue Officer of Greenhouse Software. In 2020 Sean shared the Greenhouse mission, values, and purpose with Microsoft and both teams agreed on the partnership and vision going forward; we're so excited to help Microsoft customers hire for what’s next.

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