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Understanding the difference between legacy and modern TA systems

It may be time to transform talent acquisition practices and move to a modern TA system. Wondering how? Find out in this blog.

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Workforce planning during uncertain times (and how HR tech can help)

We spoke with leaders from Oyster and HiBob to learn how to approach strategic workforce planning during downturns and how your tech stack can help. Read the recap in this blog.

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Want to improve your hiring efficiency? Use your downtime to re-evaluate and build a structured hiring process

We spoke with industry leaders from Fike + Co, BambooHR and Checkr to discuss how to add efficiency to the hiring process and build a more structured hiring process. Read the recap in this blog.

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How to build an ERG that supports your people (and your business)

Read on to learn the best way to create impactful ERGs at your company, helping your employees feel a great sense of belonging and have stronger ties to their teams and the work they are doing.

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3 crucial steps to successfully hiring your first head of sales

Your company is unique – so is the sales leader you need. Learn how to find and hire your first head of sales by following a three-step structured hiring process.

Article, Recruiter tips, Structured hiring

Structured hiring explained

What is structured hiring? Here's our step-by-step summary of this foundational process.

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Beyond Pride Month rainbow-washing: How to meaningfully support LGBTQ+ employees

Here’s how you can support your LGBTQ+ employees and be a powerful voice for equality throughout the year.

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UK workers reveal their top priorities in the 2023 Candidate Experience Report

What do UK candidates care about in 2023? Flexible work policies are a top priority, according to this year’s edition of the Greenhouse Candidate Experience Report, which surveyed over 800 UK-based employees. According to the report, 77% of workers would actively search for or be open to a new job if their company rolled back flexible work policies. This data highlights the fact that workers now expect flexibility – it’s not just a pandemic perk.