Why recruitment branding is key to hiring success

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Branding in the recruiting and hiring process is more pivotal than you might realize. A few stats from LinkedIn’s ultimate list of employer brand statistics stand out:

  • A great employer brand can result in 50% more qualified candidates
  • Your time to hire can potentially be 1-2 times faster
  • It can lead to a 28% reduction in employee turnover rate

The bottom line is, if you want to bring in top talent consistently, make choosing you a no-brainer for potential employees, and strengthen your culture and existing team, recruitment branding must be a top priority.

Draw in the most talented candidates

Talented candidates know that they have options. So you need to show them that everything about your business and the role is right for them with effective recruitment branding.

You can position your business as the employer of choice by highlighting how your transparent and supportive company culture produces happy, thriving employees. You can also point to the tools and resources at their disposal, such as tech reimbursements, flexible scheduling options and professional development opportunities.

In addition, employer branding helps you reach a diverse candidate pool. A big part of employer branding is defining your company’s core values, such as inclusion and belonging, and showing how you bring it to life.

Foster trust with potential workers

Candidates need to know that the portrayal of your company matches exactly what it’s like to actually work there. For this reason, fostering trust with potential candidates is essential, and it’s much easier to do with strong and authentic employer branding.

Your company’s presence and reputation is a key factor in building trust. A Glassdoor article about the ROI of employer branding found that 65% of Glassdoor users read at least five reviews before forming their opinions on companies. Asking current satisfied employees to provide testimonials about your workplace, and showcasing them on your company website, is a good starting point.

Pro-tip: You should also aim to keep your employer branding and messaging consistent across platforms so that candidates have a clear idea of who your company is and what you stand for

Reinforce a healthy, safe workplace environment

If there’s one thing employees need, it’s a healthy, safe workplace environment. Stress can distract employees from their work, leading to safety hazards and decreased productivity. It could also impact their decision-making abilities. Immense pressure can result in poor communication, frustration and low morale.

A strong employer brand has a definitive company culture that supports employees with great leaders, stress management training, employee recognition programs and flexible schedules.

Measuring recruitment branding success

Constantly looking at your processes will help you identify where you’re being wasteful or inefficient. Make sure that when you start your recruitment branding initiatives, you set up measures for success. These KPIs can include:

For example, recruitment is obviously a huge HR expense. But strengthening your employer brand can lead to a lower cost per hire. A study from Harvard Business Review found that “companies with a poor reputation needed to offer a 10% higher salary than companies with a strong employer brand.” That’s a significant cost that shouldn’t be ignored.

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