How the Greenhouse Events app made Five9’s candidate sourcing efficient and effective

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Teri Dutcher, Talent Acquisition (TA) Programs and Operations Manager at Five9, shares how the Greenhouse Events app transformed the leading cloud contact center’s in-person sourcing to be more efficient and effective.

Let’s talk about in-person recruiting. There’s a ton of polarizing conversation around the value of in-person career fairs. Are they so 2010? Should they only be virtual? No matter your take on an official career fair, today’s best recruiters know that every in-person event, from conferences to recruiting events (like speed dating-style functions, college campus events, HR conferences, and more) are opportunities to source excellent talent.

Save recruiters time and elevate the candidate experience

As Five9 is an established global organization with over 2,600 employees, we believe in the power of a multi-pronged recruiting approach, including career fairs. And we’ve found them to be quite effective with the help of the Greenhouse Events app.

When we first took a Greenhouse demo call and the team walked us through the Greenhouse Events app functionality, there just so happened to be a daunting stack of 60+ resumes on my desk from a recent career fair. These needed to be individually uploaded and actioned into our previous ATS, costing us valuable recruiting resources. And many times, we’d have a stack of resumes that never made it into our database.

Now, with the Events app, we were presented with the unique opportunity to easily manage prospect data with automatic import and resume capture capabilities. Additionally, we’d be able to capture as many candidates as possible in high-volume foot traffic areas without making them stand around waiting, since they also have the ability to submit more information after the event.

Strengthen relationships and track your event ROI

Not only is the Events app an effective tool for saving time, it can also help you build and strengthen relationships with prospects. We recently sent a group of employees to a national conference and encouraged them to share their personal employee experiences with people they networked with.

This allowed us to build brand awareness and expand our reach from people actively interested in applying at Five9 to include all connections made by our employees at the event. As top recruiters know, some of the best talent already have a job, so this type of talent pool is also essential to build a connection with.

In using the app this way, we gained a total of 89 prospects, all of whom were primed with authentic and targeted information about Five9. It’s important to note that with a shift in approach like this, our definition of success also shifted. For this specific type of event, we became less concerned with the number of resumes we captured and more concerned with brand awareness metrics, like the number of people who now know us and where to find us.

Some tips for getting started

Interested in using the Greenhouse Events app for recruiting success? Follow these tips:

  1. When creating your event in the app, ensure a very light lift for the interested parties: name and email – nothing more.
  2. Create a QR code from the event link and have employees save it as their wallpaper on their phones for easy scanning (You can get creative here, making it into stickers or putting it on shirts).
  3. Draft a thoughtful, targeted confirmation message that helps inform prospects about your company and directs them to your job postings. If your event is a function-specific event (say for HR professionals), target the message to what would be of interest to them.
  4. Don’t simply look at the number of converted candidates as the only measure of success. Depending on your goals, prospects captured can be an effective way to measure brand awareness.

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Teri Dutcher

Teri Dutcher

is a Manager, TA Programs and Operations at Five9, where she is dedicated to creating positive experiences for the TA team and candidates. When not finding creative solutions at Five9, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, cooking and reading.

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