How Greenhouse Services provide enterprise companies with customized guidance for hiring success

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At Greenhouse, we're always looking to better understand what our customers' goals are, and how they’re thinking about tackling them. And of course, our customers look to us as experts in hiring, to provide them with best practices and support so that they can make confident decisions and build the best teams.

In addition to the guidance already in place, like our dedicated customer support team and a myriad of online resources, we’ve expanded Greenhouse Services solutions with new additional offerings, like consulting and designing hiring solutions for enterprise customers. Our team helps organizations get exactly what they need out of Greenhouse so their teams are ready to tackle hiring, whether they’re configuring Greenhouse for the first time or transitioning the recruiting team through a change.

We’re here to remove worries

For many people and organizations, getting the right hiring software is no easy feat, and only half the battle. They want an in-depth, hands-on assessment of where they stand in their hiring, and guidance for implementing Greenhouse to continuously improve every stage of their hiring lifecycle.

Our team of experts is here to provide best practices learned from working with many other organizations, take a look at a company’s specific hiring and security needs and put together a step-by-step plan of how to get there. Customers know exactly what resources they need from the start and don’t have to worry about going over budget or deadlines.

Greenhouse Services specifically focus on four key categories of work to build, connect, integrate and optimize customers’ hiring processes.

Build: Get customized best practices from day one

Our Implementation team consults on how to expertly configure Greenhouse based on your hiring and technical needs and to build best practices across your organization. They’ll then put together a structured multi-week project with clear roles and responsibilities that enable training, knowledge transfer and process change.

Connect: Connect your workflows quickly

Seamlessly connect workflows and your most important data across hiring platforms and Workday HRIS with HRIS Link – no developer resources required. Using Workday reports, you can import jobs, user accounts, offices and departments from Workday into Greenhouse in a 1–2 week process.

In order to build a technical integration between their HRIS and Greenhouse and manage a massive volume of candidate and employee data, the team at Verifone partnered with Greenhouse Services. As a result, their team saved more than 100 hours of time and spent only 10% of the previous cost to get to an even better solution for their business.

The entire team was very easy to work with and very patient with all the questions our team had.
–Vivek Dhamodaran, Senior Manager of HR at Verifone

Integrate: Seamlessly integrate your systems

As a larger organization, you most likely have a variety of systems in place. You’ll gain technical and data integration guides on the best way to integrate your systems and historical data with Greenhouse. Our Greenhouse API experts will guide your system integrator (SI) to ensure a high quality, efficient setup and define requirements so that you leverage the right technical resources.

Optimize: Optimize your hiring across your organization

As a Greenhouse user, you know that hiring isn’t just the responsibility of the talent or recruiting team. Our Solutions Design team will help you optimize your entire hiring process with ongoing educational workshops and sessions to ensure everyone at your company becomes a hiring and interviewing expert. Our Solutions Consultant will also review your team’s Hiring Maturity so that you know where you excel and where you need to improve compared to your industry cohort.

We’re proud that our customers have shared that Greenhouse Services have helped them simplify decisions, get better solutions and essentially “demystify” the sometimes-daunting hiring moments from the start.

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Kristina Nieves

Kristina Nieves

Kristina Nieves is the Vice President of Professional Services. As a technology services industry professional in New York for over 23 years, Kristina is a leader in complex client solution delivery. She actively volunteers in minority and women focused organizations and serves as the executive sponsor for Blackhouse, a Greenhouse employee resource group. Connect with Kristina on LinkedIn.

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