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In the last quarter of 2019, Greenhouse launched the Customer-Preferred Partner program to curate and highlight top recruitment technology partners across our ecosystem, enable customers to have more transparency and provide peer guidance for selecting the right technology to suit immediate and future hiring needs.

Now we’re excited to share that we’ve added even more Customer-Preferred Partners to our Greenhouse integration ecosystem: Grayscale, Calendly, Criteria Corp, Codility and BambooHR.

Each of these Partners tackle a different phase of the candidate journey, from engagement and assessment all the way to new hire onboarding. Here’s how each Customer Preferred Partner can help you build your ideal hiring tech stack.


Grayscale allows hiring teams to easily communicate with candidates via text and automate tasks involved in the hiring process.

“We implemented Grayscale to improve response rates and reduce response times for scheduling interviews, without adding more manual tasks or sacrificing candidate experience,” says Danielle Atwood, Talent Acquisition Partner at Real Equity Management.

Grayscale’s automation capabilities and seamless integration with Greenhouse have given us an even more compelling ROI.
–Danielle Atwood, Talent Acquisition Partner at Real Equity Management


Calendly allows users to automate their scheduling processes while ensuring candidates are able to get in front of a hiring team quickly.

“As a recruiter, I’ve found myself using the extra time this integration gives me to source and share our story with prospective talent,” says Steve Cosme, Senior Technical Recruiter at Pendo.

Calendly's integration with Greenhouse helps our team speed up the scheduling process, which candidates constantly say they enjoy.
–Steve Cosme, Senior Technical Recruiter at Pendo

Criteria Corp

Criteria Corp allows users to launch pre-employment assessments and view results directly within Greenhouse in order to make informed hiring decisions.

“We assess our management consultant hires off-campus with this integration,” says Haley Gerik, HR Generalist at Credera, “and the greater program is using it to assess experienced hire candidates.”

We use the Criteria Corp integration with Greenhouse to track candidates and tie scores to candidate profiles.
–Haley Gerik, HR Generalist at Credera


Codility allows users to conduct remote technical interviews to help customers assess engineering candidates.

“With this integration, our time-to-hire is a lot faster than our initial estimates,” says

Benjamin Ryon, Engineering Manager at Survey Monkey.

The Greenhouse and Codility integration enables us to go through a lot more candidates even more efficiently. Without it, our recruitment workflows would be considerably more sluggish.
–Benjamin Ryon, Engineering Manager at Survey Monkey


BambooHR allows users to seamlessly push new hire data from within the two platforms in order to enhance the new hire experience.

I love that as soon as you mark an applicant as ‘hired’ in Greenhouse, they immediately show up in BambooHR, ready to onboard!
–Kathryn Daniel, Account Manager at Sila Nanotechnologies

What’s next for the Customer-Preferred Partner program

We’ll continue adding new Customer-Preferred Partners based on positive feedback about Greenhouse customers’ experience. If you have a partner you think would be perfect for this program, let us know by filling out our nomination form.

Explore the full list of Greenhouse Customer-Preferred Partners.

Garret Starr

Garret Starr

is the Director of Partnerships at Greenhouse, where he oversees technology and service partners in the Greenhouse ecosystem. For the past three years, Garret has focused on enabling customers to make the most of Greenhouse's expansive and differentiated group of technology partners and service providers. Garret is a husband to his smarter wife, Andi and a father to his dog son, Graham.

Jillian Trubee

Jillian Trubee

is a Partner Program Manager at Greenhouse. Jillian has been working with the extensive Greenhouse ecosystem of partners for four years. When she's not in the office managing partners, she enjoys cooking, planning events for her business development community and hanging with her friends in Brooklyn. Connect with Jillian on LinkedIn.

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