What’s your why?

Recruiters are the unsung heroes of their organizations. At Greenhouse, we believe their tireless efforts and impact on companies, individuals and communities should be celebrated. So we set out to empower recruiters and connect them back to the reasons they got started by asking one simple question: What's your why?

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Every recruiter’s story is different

But there’s one belief that runs through each of them: Hiring can change lives. And we were lucky enough to hear some of those stories first-hand, from our very own customers.

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Hear what drives these recruiters to hire.

This limited series spotlights the voices of today’s TA professionals as they share their experience and learnings – and how hiring can change lives.

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I hire to set my candidates and my team up for success in the long run.

Kirsten Armstrong (she/her)

Manager of Talent Ops & Programs

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I hire to create a culture where the sum is greater than any one person.

Wayne Lindsay (he/him)

Head of Central Recruiting

Photo of Wayne Lindsay

I hire to give back to the next generation and help our company evolve.

Kathryn Thane (she/her)

Recruiting Operations & Programs Manager

Photo of Kathryn Thane

I hire because everyone has a place they feel valued, and I can help them find it.

Shirin Parineh (she/her)

Head of Global Talent Acquisition

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I hire to foster an environment where all kinds of people can grow.

Marvin Roque (he/him)

Senior Recruiter

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