How to build a talent operation

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To make recruiting a strength of your company, talent acquisition requires a seat at the table. This three-part eBook covers creating alignment in your organization, approaching sourcing like a marketer and optimizing your overall process.

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Become a recruiting business partner

In part 1 of How to Build a Talent Operation, we cover 3 strategic steps that will help you create alignment across your organization.

You will learn how to:

  • Create an effective partnership with hiring managers
  • Build a structured recruiting framework that allows you (and your hiring managers) to plan ahead
  • Borrow alignment exercises from Sales & Marketing teams that will save you time and headaches!

Bring modern marketing strategies to recruiting

Modern marketers don't simply post an ad and wait—they cast a wide net, run experiments, and use tools to track and measure results. Modern recruiters also use these data-driven strategies.

In part 2, we share:

  • The 5 steps of an effective sourcing plan
  • Tried-and-true tips to help build long-term relationships with candidates
  • A list of awesome recruiting tools and platforms to try

Measure and improve recruiting performance

A strong recruiting model gives recruiters the critical data needed to improve sourcing, interviewing, and hiring. This is how you stay ahead of the curve, getting better and faster over time!

In part 3, you learn how to:

  • Measure the ROI of your sourcing campaigns
  • Build a structured interview process
  • Improve the candidate experience