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Fastly has set some lofty growth goals to reach over the next couple of years. This requires scaling up hiring, bringing in seasoned experts and leaning heavily on the talent acquisition team to streamline processes and serve as strategic partners to hiring managers. Fastly’s talent team knew they needed to hire recruiters who could help build out repeatable, equitable processes and streamline feedback collection from the interview team. That's where Greenhouse came in.

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We use Greenhouse so we can say, here’s the scorecards, here’s who gave a yes or no, here’s what’s missing – and we can use that to prompt people to submit their feedback before we have a debrief so we can have a non-biased conversation with regards to the people that we’ve met. Marvin Roque, Senior Recruiter at Fastly

Using Greenhouse to support structured interviewing has offered many benefits, such as eliminating inefficiencies. Learn how relying on Greenhouse to support structured interviewing helps the TA team set expectations, create consistency with hiring managers and meet their revenue targets.

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