Interviewing at Greenhouse

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We want you to have a positive experience

Get a clear sense of our culture, meet your potential teammates and understand the next steps in our interview process.

  • Interview with flexibility in mind – we’ll always do our best to accommodate your schedule
  • Get to know the team – you’ll meet your potential manager, teammates and cross-functional collaborators
  • Feel respected and heard – our commitment to DE&I is always top of mind
  • Stay in the know – never go more than a few days without getting an update from us
  • What we’ve outlined is our standard interview process, however, from time to time we deviate from this process depending on the needs of the role.
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Our hiring process is designed to be inclusive

Here’s how we use Greenhouse in our own hiring process to ensure every candidate is evaluated fairly:

  • Review our hiring pipelines by demographic to make sure we’re sourcing a diverse group of candidates for all roles
  • Create diverse interview panels and use in-product prompts to help interviewers keep unconscious biases in check
  • Use scorecards with consistent criteria and required notes to ensure all candidates are being evaluated objectively
  • Be explicit about our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) and ask every candidate how they will show up for that commitment
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Here’s how our interview process works

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Head to our career opportunities page to view open roles. Even if you don’t match one of the qualifications listed in a job description, we’d love to hear why you’d be a great candidate in your cover letter. If a role isn’t currently open, we encourage you to apply for future consideration.

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Recruiter screening

This is a time for us to get to know you and for you to learn more about us. A recruiter will reach out to schedule time to discuss the role and your interest in Greenhouse – and communicate detailed process expectations.

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Department phone interview

During the next step, you’ll have the opportunity to talk directly with your potential manager. This in-depth conversation will allow you to better understand your team’s goals and the scope of the role.

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Take-home assessment or remote coding exercise

Depending on the job, you’ll receive a take-home exercise to complete. This could be an assessment, a sample project or, in some cases, a remote coding exercise. Remember, your recruiter is here to help with any questions along the way.

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Face-to-face interview

This is your opportunity to meet with the hiring manager, potential future colleagues and an executive from your department, giving you a better sense of our culture and how you might add to it.

In these conversations we'll discuss your experience, details of the position and Greenhouse values. As the last step in our process, you'll then have a quick, final check-in with your recruiter.

Interview tips

It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and ready for your Greenhouse interview. Below, we’ve gathered a few interview tips to help you prepare.

Kunaal Bellara

While an interview is a good time to show how a candidate has successfully solved problems and overcome challenges, it's refreshing when people talk about what they could’ve done better. The willingness to reflect and share these learnings shows a growth mindset while embracing their authentic selves.”

Kunaal Bellara

Senior Manager of Enterprise Customer Success

Alex Powell

Candidates really stand out when they’re able to provide clear and thoughtful examples of how they’ve tackled challenges similar to the ones they would face in the role they’re interviewing for.”

Alex Powell

Director of Product Management

Mo Moran

When it comes to a take-home assessment, candidates who stand out tend to go above and beyond, not only through thoughtful content and attention to detail, but also on format. Anything outside of text in a document will signal to me that a candidate is willing to put in extra effort.”

Mo Moran

Director of Sales Development

Do your research

Before meeting with us, familiarize yourself with Greenhouse and find some of the people that you’ll be meeting with on LinkedIn. Knowing as much as possible about our company and who you’re going to be speaking with helps you mentally prepare for the interview.

Be your authentic self

We’re committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace where everyone can be their true selves. When people feel included, they bring their whole selves to their work – and we want you to do just that, right from the start.

Offer detailed examples

Each of our interview questions assesses a certain skill that aligns to the role you’re interviewing for. An easy way to ensure your examples are relevant is to review the job description for the role and write down key attributes that you identify. Then, give detailed examples that highlight how you represent those key skills.

Embrace an all-virtual environment

At the current time, we are conducting remote-only interviews. While there are certain aspects that translate 1:1, such as email and phone calls, the all-virtual process changes some aspects of the interview process. Visit the Greenhouse blog for detailed pointers on virtual interviews.

Tell us what you need to succeed

We do our best to be flexible and are always here to listen. Let your recruiter know how to best support you with any special accommodations during the interview process.

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