AI guidelines

Guidelines for using AI in our interviewing process

As your prospective employer, Greenhouse has outlined our policy on how we use AI in hiring and how candidates are permitted to use AI in our hiring processes.

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What you need to know about AI when applying to Greenhouse

Knowing that the way we experience AI may evolve over time, we will regularly review our approach to AI to stay aligned with current legislation and mitigate potential biases in our processes.

Please note that the principles and policies below reflect the position of Greenhouse Software, Inc. as it relates to our own hiring. Customers who use Greenhouse to power their talent acquisition processes are entitled to their own principles and policies.

Our guiding principles

Policies for individual interview stages

Candidates are increasingly using AI to support them in their job searches, and we are interested in understanding how you plan to use AI in your interviews with Greenhouse. If we determine in any stage of our interviews that AI is being used outside of the parameters below without disclosure or citation, your candidacy may be disqualified. In addition, we may contact references as appropriate to verify key qualifications and experiences you’ve represented in our interview process.

Regardless of how AI may evolve, Greenhouse does not tolerate plagiarism or misrepresentation of job-related skills from candidates.

* If you are interviewing with Greenhouse and have any questions about our policies or guidelines above, please contact the Candidate Experience Specialist or Talent Acquisition Manager facilitating your process.

How Greenhouse’s Talent Acquisition team uses AI

In recognizing both the promise and limitations of AI in today’s world of work, our Talent Acquisition team takes great care to be methodical with how we use AI in hiring. We have no evidence to believe that AI is capable of making reliable end-to-end hiring decisions without human intervention, and therefore we believe AI should supplement, not replace, human judgment and decision-making. As AI comes with flaws and risks, including bias, we view it as a co-pilot that can make hiring teams more efficient, not an auto-pilot that eliminates the need for human oversight.

A comprehensive outline of how we use AI in our hiring processes

Connecting you with more information

For additional ways Greenhouse is embracing AI into our product, read this message from Greenhouse’s Chief Product Officer.

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