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Read the definitive book on great hiring – available now

Our co-founders wrote the book on great hiring – available everywhere books are sold. In Talent Makers, you’ll get insights from top business leaders and strategies on how to turn hiring into a strategic advantage at your company.

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Listen to the Greenhouse podcast: Hiring for what’s next

Join the conversation now to hear valuable talent strategy, insights, guidance and actionable takeaways for your business. In each episode, you’ll learn from smart people at the forefront of hiring who will share their experiences and learnings with you.

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Video, Recruiting metrics, Structured hiring

Harness data analytics to improve your hiring process

Recruiting can feel like a competitive race when searching for top talent. To succeed, companies must make talent acquisition a strategic differentiator for their business with a data-driven hiring…

Video, Candidate sourcing, Hiring maturity

Expert tips for automating your hiring workflow

This session recording is from Greenhouse Open Conference 2022. Hear from HR Leaders at GoodTime and Remote on how to create and optimize a more effective hiring process in this new world of remote work.

Video, Structured hiring, Talent operations

Recruiter enablement: How to upskill and retain recruiters

This session recording is from Greenhouse Open Conference 2022. The talent market for recruiters is red hot, which makes leveling up your recruiters to retain your existing talent and grow your team’s capabilities is more important than ever.

Video, Candidate sourcing, Industry news

Using individualized assessments for background checks to widen your candidate pool

This session recording is from Greenhouse Open Conference 2022. Today’s labor shortages and competitive hiring landscape have made filling new positions hard. In fact, Glassdoor reports that it costs $4,000 and takes 52 days for the average company in the US to hire a new employee. Join us to learn actionable ways to conduct individualized assessments to benefit both your organization and the candidate.

Video, Candidate experience, Hiring tech stack

How to future-proof your recruiting tech stack with AI

There are a lot of great questions about using AI in recruiting and how it might impact the personal touches that we know make candidates feel special. In this on-demand session, our VP of Product…

Video, Hiring tech stack, Talent strategy

Owning your quality of hire to recruit and retain top talent panel discussion

This session recording is from Greenhouse Open Conference 2022. Talent leaders continue to struggle with measuring and analyzing quality of hire. Leveraging Greenhouse's integrations, learn how to connect your quality of hire to your mission of building a successful team.

Video, Hiring tech stack, Talent operations

Implementing Greenhouse – West Monroe and SoFi share their experience with best-in-class hiring services

Hear from Greenhouse customers West Monroe and SoFi, Greenhouse implementation aficionados, on their best practices for navigating a highly effective and seamless implementation from start to finish, and how it’s set their companies up for success as they scale.

Video, DE&I

Being true to you - Laverne Cox on resilience, behavior change and living authentically

This session recording is from Greenhouse Open Conference 2022. Daniel Chait sits down with award-winning actress, producer and activist Laverne Cox as she shares how the intersections of race, class and gender uniquely affect the lives of trans women of color.

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