The What’s your why? podcast: featuring Shirin Parineh at Fastly

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We believe that the potential for people to do something amazing has everything to do with being in the right role, on the right team, at the right time. On the Greenhouse What's your why? podcast, we're celebrating recruiters – individuals who are dedicated every day to helping others unlock that potential. Listen as Ariana Moon, Director of Talent Acquisition at Greenhouse, sits down with talent professionals to discover their motivation, inspiration and journey through today's world of work.

In this episode, Ariana Moon talks to Shirin Parineh, Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Fastly, about the importance of diversity in building company culture and why value alignment in teams is a total game changer.

We're building our sourcing function to prioritize our company values and a consistent candidate experience.”

Shirin Parineh

Director of Recruiting at Fastly

Shirin Parineh Fastly

Speed is a really important thing in recruiting – but so is quality of hire. Contextualizing data with stakeholders can help.”

Ariana Moon

Director of Talent Acquisition at Greenhouse

Ariana Moon speaker photo

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Special thanks to our production partner, Wonder Media Network. Our producers are Brittany Martinez and Alana Herlands, and our production assistant is Sara Schleede. Our Greenhouse producer is Marnie Williams.

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About Shirin Parineh

Shirin is the Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Fastly. Shirin has been leading the Talent Acquisition team for 5.5 years of her almost eight-year tenure at Fastly. She's had an untraditional background — previously in recruiting in-house at an agency, working on a corporate sales team and prior to that, started her career in real estate. Fun fact: Shirin had 23 jobs by the time she was 23, so checking off new skills has always been a passion.

About Ariana Moon

As Director of Talent Acquisition at Greenhouse, Ariana partners with the executive team to model and scale predictive recruiting practices throughout the entire company. She’s excited to be celebrating her 7th anniversary at Greenhouse and proud to be leading a team that has helped the company 10x in headcount and expand globally. Ariana has worked on Greenhouse’s DE&I Council and is an active member of their API employee resource group, Jadehouse.

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