Maintaining a hiring mindset

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Your guide to building a strong hiring foundation, even when you’re not hiring

Hiring plans are always subject to change. Sometimes it’s a strategic business decision to slow down growth and focus on other areas of the business. Other times, economic or environmental conditions beyond your control upend your hiring plan. As recruiters, you already know how to be nimble and navigate the ever-changing needs of your company. But what do you focus on when you’re not actively hiring?

We know that a recruiting team’s value extends far beyond sourcing and closing candidates. We put together this new eBook, “Maintaining a hiring mindset: Practical guidance on building a strong hiring foundation, even when you're not hiring,” to give you practical guidance on how to strengthen your hiring strategy now so you’re ready for what’s next.

Sample pages of the maintaining a hiring mindset eBook

Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside the guide:

Best practices for structuring your interview process

Your interview process is the cornerstone of your hiring strategy. Take time to build or refresh all aspects of that workflow and set your team up for success when hiring ramps up again. You’ll learn:

  • The framework for a structured interview process
  • Best practices for scorecard design
  • How to create effective interview kits

How to tackle training and enabling your hiring teams

Effective hiring requires teamwork. Collaborate with your learning & development team to create specialized training or customize our pre-existing training templates including:

  • Hands-on training resources for new admins
  • PowerPoint presentations for every user level

Creative ways to promote your talent brand

Your brand has a compelling story. We’ll show you how to showcase your company’s uniqueness outside of the interview process by highlighting:

  • Helpful career page customization options
  • Tips to help your brand stand out to candidates

Nurturing your most valuable asset, your talent pools

Now more than ever, it’s important to build meaningful candidate relationships. We’ll review:

  • Tools for organizing your talent pools
  • How to leverage your employees to find great talent

Data cleanup best practices to make more informed decisions

Smart decisions call for good, clean data. Resume hiring confidently by auditing your existing data for missing and inaccurate information and empower your teams by providing clean data for informed decision-making. Get guidance on:

  • The 6 data points to audit for inaccuracies
  • Resources for an in-depth data cleanup