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Why you should care about Hiring Maturity

Companies go through a maturity curve as they improve their hiring performance. Greenhouse helps companies at every stage of the curve enhance their recruiting practices and workflows to get to a place of consistent excellence, so they’re ready to hire for whatever’s next for their business.

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How mature is your company’s hiring strategy?

Find out how effective your company’s hiring process is and identify areas of opportunity to improve, even when you’re not actively hiring.

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Hiring Maturity

Taking on a Talent Makers mindset

This session recording is from Greenhouse Open Forum: Join the Talent Makers 2021 As the nature of work has shifted and great talent has more power than ever, hiring has emerged as a reason some…

Hiring Maturity

Drive organizational change through hiring with the Talent Makers book – now available everywhere

The must-read hiring book is available everywhere books are sold. Here are a few reasons why you should get your copy of Talent Makers . Let’s talk about the state of talent. It’s becoming…

Hiring Maturity

The Talent Makers – Inside Greenhouse’s hiring journey

In this first episode of the Hiring for what’s next podcast series, The Talent Makers, you'll hear directly from leaders on winning hiring strategies that drive real business results in their…

Hiring Maturity

Talent Makers worksheets

Tracking your ascent up the Greenhouse Hiring Maturity curve The Greenhouse Hiring Maturity™ methodology and curve will help you determine what stage of hiring your company is currently at, and…

Hiring Maturity

Talent Makers workbook

Use this workbook and the included self-assessment to evaluate how you're performing as a Talent Maker in your company Becoming great at hiring isn't just about the hiring team or having highly…