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Having a clear and effective structured hiring process and a game-changing hiring software is no longer a nice-to-have for organizations that want to stay ahead of the game – it’s a must. That’s why we introduced a complete redesign to the Greenhouse application in 2022, focused on improving app experience unification, best hiring practice guidance and overall use and accessibility.

But why stop there? We’re now bringing some of those same design upgrades to other core experiences within the app, like the candidate profile to elevate our users’ overall experiences.

A more user-friendly candidate profile redesign

At Greenhouse we always strive for improvement – where we can, when we can. By leveraging our new design framework, we can more seamlessly unify the app experience and incorporate AA-accessible standards into the candidate profile. It also unlocks our ability to build upon the candidate profile in the future, where we can continuously improve accessibility, making our product user-friendly and accessible to all. In addition, with its better organization and simplified layout, you and your team can focus on candidates moving more efficiently through your hiring process.

What’s new?

The new candidate profile has the same features as the legacy candidate profile. However, we’ve rebuilt the page to be a more simplified overall experience that improves the layout of information, streamlines workflows and helps Greenhouse deliver on AA-accessible standards.

Specifically, we organized the information into more logical groupings to better serve all users, regardless of role. Some notable changes include:

  • A tasks section during interview stages to guide the hiring team in being more efficient and accountable
  • A collapsible right panel that structures the hierarchy of the need-to-know candidate info
  • A streamlined main panel to help your hiring team focus on important actions to more efficiently move the candidate through the hiring process

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When will I see changes to the candidate profile?

We understand that change can be challenging, especially when it impacts your day-to-day workflow routine. To that end, we will roll out the redesign with a toggle that allows any user to toggle between the new and legacy candidate profiles for some time.

This will allow you and your team to learn the new candidate profile and schedule the necessary enablement and space to train your hiring teams. We will also nudge users back into the new candidate profile every few weeks to help encourage adoption of the new experience.

We plan to eventually remove the toggle and legacy candidate profile. To equip all teams with this change, we will provide a 3-month advance notice before removing the toggle.

Our commitment to improving the customer experience

Greenhouse helps people-first companies hire better, and we’ve rebuilt this core area of the app with that in mind. The new candidate profile helps us in our quest to deliver a more unified experience, better support and guidance to learn best hiring practices, and increase use and accessibility in the months and years ahead.

The new candidate profile will be rolled out by product tiers, starting with our Essential tier customers the week of April 15, 2024. Advanced tier customers will follow the week of April 29, and then Expert tier customers the week of May 13. We’re excited for you to experience the new candidate profile! In the meantime, you can learn more about the redesign and get answers to common questions.

If you’re ready to elevate your hiring and simplify your process with the new candidate profile redesign, learn more from this support center article.

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Chelsea McClure

Chelsea McClure

Chelsea McClure is a passionate Product Marketing Manager at Greenhouse who loves to bring new features to market for customers. When she’s not working, you can find her drinking coffee at her favorite coffee shop and taking a ceramics class. Connect with Chelsea on LinkedIn here.

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