We’re redesigning the Greenhouse app to improve the customer experience

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We’re getting a refresh

Since day one, we’ve been gathering feedback from our customers to better understand how we can continue to make our platform the best it can be. Through our research, we realize that customers value the Greenhouse application and all it has to offer because it provides them with the tools to hire the right person for every role – but there have been some concerns that they may not have been using the product to its full potential.

Our mission to “make every company great at hiring” is purpose driven, and in order to achieve this goal, we want to give you and your hiring teams the confidence that you are making better hiring decisions. In order to enhance the customer experience, our product design team has been laser-focused on designing ways to better align our product to our mission so that you can be great at hiring.

We will be rolling out a redesign to the Greenhouse application that will improve the customer experience in three key ways.

Unify the experience

A good product makes people’s lives easier – and that’s hard to do when design is complex. We realized the importance of consistency throughout every action that users take to help unify the experience. For this reason, we focused on creating standardized rules for like patterns, called “design components.” These components create design standardization which helps reduce the complexity so that users can easily learn similar patterns in the platform.

Guide customers to learn best practices for hiring

Companies go through a maturity curve as they improve their hiring performance. And in order to help your company move up the curve, we’ll prompt and guide you to take actions that follow structured hiring best practices. On-hand guidance will be available to you in the app, in a newly organized way that drives actions for hiring success.

Guide Increase use and accessibility

Greenhouse is committed to being an ethical company which includes enabling all people with the potential to use our product – starting with accessibility.

We set out to build a more equitable framework that is designed to be universal and inclusive.

While we’ll leverage these guidelines, we’ll also use our learnings to continuously iterate and ensure everyone has the ability to use our product.

What can users expect?

Phase 1: New navigation and reskin

We understand that change can be hard, especially when it affects how you and your team work. We plan to ease into these changes by rolling out the redesign in phases. The first phase will be an app reskin, which includes an improved navigation bar and an enhanced look and feel. Phase 1 lays a strong foundation for future feature development and workflow changes that will ultimately guide hiring teams to create the right hiring process for their company more efficiently. This phase will be released to all customers by the end of July.

Navigation: We have optimized the navigation bars to be more organized, consistent and easier to access the most important features. Some notable changes are:

  • A new toggle between GHR and GHO

  • A more prominent search bar

  • Removal of duplicate or low traffic pages

  • Clear labeling of icons and consistent placement across all pages.

We introduced more type hierarchy and a serif font to help ground pages and focused on prioritizing clarity of information to allow users to move through our pages more efficiently. We wanted to allude to the warmth of the brand by adding color in purposeful ways and introduced a new green-based grayscale while also updating the language to be more human.

Phase 2: Implementing the new design framework

After the reskin launch, we will begin launching new features using the new design framework, which will also include AA accessible standards.

A great candidate experience is key to great hiring. That’s why we’re prioritizing the candidate profile as the first existing experience in 2022 to get a complete redesign. We are rebuilding it to simplify the experience and improve efficiency and clarity.

Phase 3: Continue to redesign core features

In 2023 the Greenhouse team will be focused on redesigning other core experiences within the app, optimizing the navigation and incorporating the AA accessible standards into existing pages, all while using the learnings from this year.

The Greenhouse redesign makes everyone great at hiring

The Greenhouse app redesign is a significant project and a long-term investment to continually make the product work best for you and your team. We aim to make everyone great at hiring by equipping hiring teams to do their job more efficiently and helping them create the right hiring process for their company.

Interested in learning more about the Greenhouse reskin? Request a demo or reach out to https://support.greenhouse.io

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Sneha Patel

Sneha Patel

is a Product Marketing Manager at Greenhouse, where she works closely with our product teams to deliver new features to customers. Prior to Greenhouse, Sneha worked as a Product Marketer in the digital advertising industry. She lives in Austin, Texas, and when she’s not working, she spends her time traveling the world. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.

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