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As it’s still early on in the year, talent professionals everywhere are in the midst of building out their structured hiring process initiatives. To set each new role up for success, it’s imperative that companies have all the tools necessary to create a structured hiring process and make better and more fair hiring decisions. With job openings at an all-time high, developing the right process and documentation is more important than ever.

The job kickoff is an important first step in the structured hiring process, because it not only defines the basics of the role, but it also helps hiring managers and recruiters design an effective interview process and shape the experience of the eventual new hire. At Greenhouse, we’ve always encouraged recruiters to create job kickoffs in their structured hiring processes. Until now, this was happening entirely outside of Greenhouse – in Google Docs, emails, Slack or maybe even an old-school verbal agreement (yikes!).

This is a clear pain point for recruiters – and there’s a clear need for better alignment between hiring managers and recruiters and a better workflow that empowers collaboration. We’re happy to share that Greenhouse is the first applicant tracking system (ATS) to embed a job kickoff form into the product, helping you round out your end-to-end structured hiring process.

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More efficiency, alignment and engagement

Recruiters, hiring managers and the entire interview team are working toward the same outcome – hiring great candidates. But these stakeholders can have different expectations when the needs and expectations for the role aren't clearly understood.

That’s where the job kickoff form can help. It allows recruiters to easily configure relevant fields on the form, like business objectives, job descriptions and responsibilities, skills and competencies required, interviewer details and compensation. Then, hiring managers can asynchronously collaborate to complete the form within Greenhouse. Everyone’s communications and information are centralized in one place, leading to enhanced alignment, reduced duplication and increased engagement between all parties invested in the hiring process.

The information gathered in the job kickoff form can even directly update specific parts of the job setup, making the job creation process even more efficient and streamlined. And every completed form will always be available for reference if recruiters and hiring managers need to discuss specific details as they’re hiring.

Better hiring decisions, faster

When recruiters and hiring managers can easily align on what a new role entails and what a successful hire looks like, recruiters are able to design a more thoughtful process, interview kit and candidate scorecard.

Clearly understanding and defining key details of a role sets the search up for success and allows your team to make better hiring decisions more efficiently. As companies identify their staffing needs, the job kickoff form plays a key role by helping them save time, make great hiring decisions and keep up with their ambitious business goals.

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What’s next?

The embedded job kickoff form is the latest initiative at Greenhouse to help every company become better at structured hiring so they can make world-class hires. We’re striving to continuously develop innovative features, such as embedding candidate roundups in Greenhouse, to provide an even more consistent and equitable interviewing experience for everyone involved. Stay tuned to learn more.

Are you ready to get started with the job kickoff form? Learn how on our support site.

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Sneha Patel

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