Saving time, making time: Introducing the new scheduler in Greenhouse

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In the nuanced and fast-paced world of hiring, even seemingly small changes can make a big impact. We recently launched an integration with Zoom to help hiring teams schedule remote interviews with ease. Today, we’re excited to announce more improvements to the Greenhouse scheduling experience to help talent acquisition professionals be as agile as possible.

Since we’re always striving to improve, we surveyed Greenhouse users – from recruiting coordinators to talent leaders – to better understand interview scheduling pain points. Most of the feedback we received aligned with two specific areas that we wanted to address.

Greenhouse scheduler Zoom integration

An intuitive experience

Users wanted a more seamless experience that mirrored how they were already scheduling – first, by finding times, then, by arranging calendar invites. In that spirit, our redesigned experience puts scheduling into a simple, two-step flow.

Whenever you’re looking for time blocks that work, all the information you need – including every necessary calendar – is now front and center. No more toggling back and forth between your calendars and your interview details.

Once you’ve organized an interview, sending out the official calendar invites is also easier. Our new invite templates help reduce the number of repetitive edits you would’ve had to make to individual calendar invites. You can now edit one template and Greenhouse will make the necessary changes to all invites being sent out to interviewers.

Greenhouse Recruiting scheduling tools

Flexible calendar integrations

Recruiting teams also told us they wanted more flexible integrations to better align with the tools they’re using. In addition to the Zoom integration, we’ve also updated our calendar integrations. Calendar events from numerous third party apps now sync back to Greenhouse more quickly, and our Microsoft Outlook integration no longer requires a system administrator to set it up, making things more efficient and streamlined for all users.

We cannot wait for you to dive in and get started with the new scheduler in Greenhouse. If you’re a Greenhouse user who would like to learn more, visit the help center here.

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