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Choosing the right technology partner can transform your hiring process, making it faster, better and fairer for everyone. But how do you wade through all the information on recruiting industry trends that are out there to make the choice that’s right for your company? The team at Gartner did the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Here are some of the key takeaways from this year’s Market Guide for Talent Acquisition (Recruiting) Technologies report.​

Make a longer to-do list for your talent acquisition software

In the past, talent acquisition teams have relied on applicant tracking systems (ATS) to meet core functions like posting job openings and collecting resumes. But in response to increased competition for talent, talent acquisition professionals expect more from their software. According to the Gartner report, “TA applications have evolved to cover a broader set of activities such as recruitment marketing, candidate relationship management (CRM), onboarding, and even internal talent marketplaces.”

You’ll see this reflected in the types of solutions on the market, which now go beyond the straightforward ATS and include more comprehensive suites like:

  • Talent acquisition suites

  • Talent management suites

  • Human capital management suites

This name change is important because “TA suites typically offer the best balance of breadth, depth and integrated capabilities to support fast-growing organizations.”

Keep candidate experience top of mind

We’ve seen countless news stories about the Great Resignation (or the Great Rehiring as we prefer to call it) – the massive wave of voluntary employee departures that was accelerated by the pandemic. And talent acquisition professionals and hiring managers alike are feeling burnt out by the difficulty of the hiring process at the moment. Given these factors, it’s not a big surprise that Gartner named overall candidate experience as one of the areas of new TA technology investment with the most potential for business value. According to the report, “Candidate experience has become a key talent metric and an industry benchmark.”

Greenhouse supports a best-in-class candidate experience with structured hiring to make the interview process equitable and consistent, data collection through the candidate survey feature to help you keep a pulse on candidate sentiment and much more. Explore all the ways Greenhouse can help you keep candidate experience top of mind here.

Onboarding is the next frontier in talent acquisition

In today’s competitive talent landscape, it’s not enough to simply get new hires in the door – companies need structured onboarding processes to create a welcoming and engaging experience for new employees. According to the Gartner report, “Enhanced onboarding goes significantly deeper on the social/cultural aspects of onboarding to include additional features such as persona-based multimedia messaging, bite-sized learning curriculum, and cultural immersion that extend well into the first six months of employment.”

As the TA function is becoming more influential in selecting technologies that influence the downstream employee experience and impact talent retention, many organizations are strategically increasing their investment in this area.

Greenhouse believes that with the right strategic approach and technology, new hires are set up to become productive and active members of the company the moment an offer is accepted. We support structured onboarding through the Greenhouse Onboarding solution. We also launched Welcome in May 2021 to provide companies with a thoughtful, personalized and engaging experience for distributed employees that mirrors in-person onboarding by focusing on company culture and role expectations.

CRMs are becoming critical

Other changes we’ve seen in the talent market in recent years include shortened employee tenures, the rise of “boomerang” employees and a shift away from a transactional approach to recruiting. These all add up to the importance of candidate relationship management (CRM) tools. “As competition for talent has become more intense, investment in these categories (particularly CRM) has shifted from a wish list capability for the TA function to a must-have commodity in many cases. Tables 1 through 3 note the relevant trending technologies.”

Greenhouse recognizes that CRM is a critical part of the hiring process, which led to acquiring Interseller, a sourcing automation provider, in October 2021. Interseller’s proprietary technology provides the basis for the new Sourcing Automation feature launched May 24 which advances email deliverability and ensures high-quality interactions to enhance the success recruiters see when reaching out to prospective employees.

“Application leaders should use this Market Guide to provide overarching context in addressing their organization’s hiring optimization needs through technology.” Want to explore the research in more detail? Download the latest Gartner® Market Guide for Talent Acquisition (Recruiting)Technologies.

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