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Fostering inclusive hiring: How Pine Gate Renewables prioritizes equity for candidates

We recently announced the Talent Makers® award finalists. And now we’re thrilled to introduce you to the talent leader winner, Tasha Ridder, Director of Talent at Pine Gate Renewables.

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Reassess your recruiting strategy: How IonQ succeeds by having a people-first mentality

Find out how Rebecca Demarest Panzer, People Project Manager at IonQ takes their recruiting strategy to the next level by having a people-first mentality.

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Ready for international hiring? First, create a sustainable global hiring strategy

We spoke with Anessa Fike, CEO and Founder of Fike + Co, about how companies can create a successful international hiring strategy. Read the recap.

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Empowering leaders to champion people-first initiatives

We spoke with Verified First about what it means to be a people-first organization and how leaders can lead the way as people-first champions. Read the recap.

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Attracting top talent: How Gong wins with an inclusive approach to executive sourcing

Curious how winning leaders and organizations are attracting top talent? Learn from Austin King, Executive Recruiter at Gong.

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People-first recruiting personified: Meet the Talent Makers award winners

After closely reviewing hundreds of applications for our Talent Makers® awards and narrowing them down to nine incredible finalists, we’re so excited to reveal our three winners.

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Your hiring guide during economic downturn

We spoke with SoundExchange, Starred and Uber about prioritizing IDEA and remaining people-first, even in a challenging landscape. Read the recap.

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Leveraging LinkedIn: How to attract top talent with your employer brand (Part 2)

Curious about how to attract top talent with your employer brand? Here’s how you can leverage LinkedIn for recruiting success.