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How hiring technology can help you meet your hiring goals: Tips from TA pros

In a recent event hosted by UNLEASH, Kristina Nieves, Vice President of Professional Services at Greenhouse, spoke with Josh Navarro, Director of Recruiting Operations at Udemy about the ups and downs of adopting hiring technology – the most common challenges and how to overcome them, how and when to involve other stakeholders and proven best practices to boost your chances of success. Discover some of the helpful highlights from their conversation here.

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Why a thoughtful candidate sourcing strategy is key to business success

In the past few years, the economic climate has seen rapid changes, which sometimes leads to confusion for businesses looking for clarity on how to build out their hiring goals. Should you slow your hiring, or speed it up? To be successful in any economic climate, you need to find ways to grow and plan for the next wave of hiring. That’s why it’s so important to be actively thoughtful and strategic about your candidate sourcing strategy.

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How CPOs are defining and creating a people-first hiring strategy

At the recent Resources for Humans event, Greenhouse’s Chief People Officer Donald Knight moderated a conversation between Andy Biga, Chief People Officer at GoHealth Urgent Care, Michele Fox, Chief People Officer at LifeLabs Learning and Sherika Ekpo, Interim Chief People Officer at Anaplan. Explore highlights and actionable takeaways from the panel here.

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How to effectively source and engage passive candidates

In our webinar, Sourcing the smart way: Engaging outreach, you’ll learn from sourcing experts at Amperity, Two Chairs and Greenhouse about how to design effective and scalable sourcing campaigns to attract and keep talent engaged.

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Strategic Greenhouse training: Harness your team’s potential for hiring success

We’re excited to share that Greenhouse now offers a 1:1 strategic training program that gives users the tools and resources they need to be as successful as possible at hiring, from day one.

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OOO: Tips for preparing for a sabbatical leave

Greenhouse Senior Director of Talent Planning & Acquisition Ariana Moon shares advice for leaders preparing to go on a sabbatical leave.

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How to build a strategic sourcing strategy

Finding and hiring the right people has never been more important than in today’s competitive talent market. When it comes to sourcing candidates, having a strategic sourcing strategy enables you to expand your search, discover quality candidates and create a strong talent pipeline. In this blog, we’ll explore three key sourcing strategies to help you build and optimize your candidate sourcing approach.

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How to future-proof your tech stack with the Greenhouse Hiring Cloud

At the 2022 HRTech conference, the Greenhouse team joined WorkTech Founder and Principal Analyst George LaRocque on stage at the Partnership Summit to share what we’ve learned from building and scaling a category-leading integration partner ecosystem.