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The average cost to hire per employee is at an all-time high—$4,129. Successful recruitment is more critical to companies’ bottom lines than ever. But on top of this, roughly a quarter of new hires won’t even make it to their one year anniversary at the company. While you need a strong talent acquisition strategy to hire the right candidates, it’s just as important to effectively onboard them, too.

Greenhouse and Quantum Workplace are dedicated to equipping companies with the tools they need to succeed at both hiring and onboarding. We recently collaborated with Quantum Workplace to create an eBook filled with advice on exactly how to do this, using data from nearly 400 HR and business leaders.

Ever wondered what’s the biggest challenge facing recruiters and hiring managers? And the most popular strategies they rely on to address these obstacles? Get answers to these questions and more in our eBook, Recruiting + Onboarding Trends: HR Strategies for Talent Acquisition and Management.

Want a peek inside? Here are a few insights we uncovered:

There’s a discrepancy between how recruiters and candidates perceive the hiring experience

The eBook offers strategies to tackle this dilemma, like ensuring the application process is straightforward and easy. Avoid making candidates jumping through hoops—avoid the whole “Create an Account” process. Another top tactic is sending satisfaction surveys to candidates to get feedback on the hiring experience and what you can do better.

It’s clear onboarding reaps benefits, but some companies still don’t have programs

But where do you even start if you don’t have a formal onboarding program? In the eBook, you’ll find a specific onboarding timeline that spans a new hire’s first six months. The timeline is broken down into goals, like a checklist. You’ll understand exactly what you and the new hire need to accomplish on days 1-7, weeks 2-4, months 2-3, and months 4-6 to foster engagement, productivity, and ultimately, retention.

Ineffective recruiting and onboarding is costing companies. The goal of this eBook is to help recruiters and talent teams make hiring a business driver in their companies. Download the eBook now to start leveraging the research you need to fuel a winning talent acquisition and management practice.

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