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Earlier this week, we published a profile on Pinterest Recruiter Kate Fiedelman. While she’s also a technical recruiter, Kate is leading the focus on diversity and recruiting at Pinterest. Kate says that using Greenhouse has helped eliminate bias from the hiring process. Using interview kits helps ensure that relevant questions are being asked to assess a candidate’s skills, and scorecards help objectify the process.

Creating an interview scorecard forces hiring managers and recruiters to sit down and identify the skills and attributes needed to be successful in a role. At each interview, interviewers become responsible for asking questions that assess these specific traits. It provides hiring managers with a clear, aggregate view of interviewer feedback – it’s easy to see what attributes a candidate has, does not have, or what remains to be determined. Instead of relying on a gut feeling (or being influenced by bias), this system allows companies to make evidence-based decisions on whether or not a candidate is hired. It also gives hiring managers an easy way to collect feedback from everyone, not just the loudest voice in the room. And, best of all, hiring managers will spend less time chasing down interviewers, and more time focusing on recruiting great candidates.

We’ve created an interactive scorecard template for you to download, fill out, and distribute among your hiring team. It’s customizable, so that you can add hiring stage, purpose, or questions to ask.

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