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At Greenhouse, we know that growing pains are not uncommon as your organization matures. Elevating your hiring efficiency and building sustainable processes that support your company as it scales can be a daunting challenge. This summer, we’re excited to share that we’ve launched a subset of Greenhouse features that aim to help companies scale their teams effectively, while keeping global accessibility and user experience top of mind.

We speak your language

With a translated experience in Greenhouse, your team now has access to the majority of Greenhouse in six languages – English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese – making the experience more clear, enjoyable and seamless.

Automated and elevated user management

If you want your company to grow effectively, you’ll need to improve your hiring efficiency. Successful hiring teams and hiring managers look for ways to save time and reduce the risk of data and user discrepancies.

To help make this easier, our automated user management feature creates an efficient hiring process with SCIM, a new Okta integration that automatically transfers user updates into Greenhouse Recruiting. This way you can reduce the risk of data discrepancies and cut down on manual tasks, creating a more streamlined user experience while reducing data discrepancies and manual errors.

Consent tools for compliance

We’ve strengthened our data privacy tool set so that candidates have greater control of what’s shared, and organizations have greater flexibility over how candidates’ data is processed and retained. When this new feature is on, candidates will have the option to consent to their personal data being processed and/or retained separately based on their preference and comfort.

Beyond a more candidate-centric focus, this feature ensures organizations can feel confident in meeting compliance requirements and build a foundation for continued compliant behaviors company-wide.

Greenhouse Onboarding permissions enhancements

We’ve enhanced Greenhouse Onboarding permissions to make it easier for global and scaling organizations to streamline their onboarding processes. These enhancements give Admin users the ability to tailor key information other users can see about new hires – such as which pending hires are joining the team and the multitude of tasks assigned to them.

For organizations with many new hires starting, often from multiple locations, they’ll now have more visibility, control and focus throughout the onboarding process. With greater flexibility, these new permissions ensure onboarding teams can achieve greater operational hiring efficiency and smoother, more personalized experiences for hiring managers and new hires alike.

We’re thrilled to bring these features to your teams, helping you build a more efficient hiring process while continuing to deliver great candidate and new hire experiences.

Check out more details on our summer releases and get a sneak peek of what else is in store this year here.

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Sarah Hooker

Sarah Hooker

is a Senior Director of Marketing at Greenhouse and leads the product, customer and international marketing teams. She has spent most of her career so far at healthcare and HR tech companies, including LinkedIn, Justworks, Amazon and various startups, building and leading account management and marketing teams. She’s also a certified executive coach, helping people realize their strengths and feel great about their work. When she’s not leading marketing teams, she enjoys traveling, hiking and going to live shows. Find Sarah on LinkedIn.

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