Greenhouse maintains #1 spot on multiple G2 summer 2024 reports, as rated by our customers

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We’re excited to announce that Greenhouse continues to be named a leader in hiring software, thanks to invaluable feedback from you, our customers. The G2 Summer 2024 Report has awarded us top honors, recognizing our commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction and industry leadership.

Greenhouse was ranked #1 in 29 G2 reports, including:

Why does this matter? Let’s dive in.

Making global hiring easy and connected

Greenhouse streamlines your hiring process, no matter where your team is. Our system unifies everything, allowing teams to work seamlessly across different locations. With customizable features, you can attract candidates, boost your talent acquisition metrics and provide an exceptional experience.

An excellent ATS/CRM that met our global requirements. Greenhouse provides a global ATS solution that allows us to harmonize processes and allow collaboration across teams. There are many built-in and customizable features that allow us to attract more candidates and improve on TA metrics – and provide a wonderful customer experience for all users.– Timothy T., Mid-market customer

Streamlined scheduling and integration

Our user-friendly interface simplifies scheduling and managing interviews across teams and locations, speeding up the hiring process. Greenhouse integrates with other tools, enhancing communication, candidate experience, data management and reducing administrative work.

Greenhouse is great because it’s user-friendly – it makes scheduling and managing interviews across teams and locations a breeze, which really speeds up our hiring process. It integrates with our other tools, making communication and data management much easier and cutting down on admin work and, it improves the candidate experience by making everything smoother and boosting our efficiency, which is key for attracting top talent.– Mid-market customer in the computer software industry

See your hiring process clearly

With Greenhouse, you can easily track where candidates are in the hiring process with our intuitive pipeline view. This feature makes it simple to manage and streamline your workflow. Plus, our integrations with external assessment tools, trend visualizations and resume review applications make providing feedback and making informed decisions easier than ever.

The pipeline view is an excellent way to visualize the flow of candidates through the process and makes the hiring process more manageable. Integrations with external assessment tools are good, and it is easy to provide candidate feedback. I also like the trend visualizations and the ability to complete initial resume reviews quickly with the review applications view.– Enterprise customer in financial services

Effortless scheduling and smooth integrations

Scheduling interviews across time zones is easy with Greenhouse. Our seamless integrations with Gmail, Outlook calendars and CoderPad ensure smooth operations. Plus, our responsive support team quickly resolves any issues.

I like how Greenhouse automatically converts time zones in candidate schedules; the integrations with Gmail and Outlook calendars and CoderPad work perfectly. I am also very impressed with how responsive and professional the support for the product is. Consultants can resolve any issue and answer questions in minutes. Greenhouse is also very intuitive, so teaching new employees to use it is quick and simple.– Mid-market customer in information and technology services

Celebrating our achievement together

This achievement is a testament to the collaborative relationship we cherish with each of you. Your insights and reviews have propelled us to new heights, enabling us to refine our solutions and set new industry standards. We are profoundly grateful for your continued trust and support, which inspire us to keep innovating in talent acquisition technology.

Curious to see how Greenhouse stacks up against other ATS platforms? Visit our detailed comparison report on G2 to see how we measure up.

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Adrina August

Adrina August

is the EMEA Content Marketing Manager at Greenhouse Software, where she develops and elevates content that resonates in the EMEA region. Beyond her expertise as a subject matter expert in hiring content, Adrina finds joy in teaching her dogs new tricks. In addition to her primary role, she remains committed to workplace inclusion as the Vice Chair for the Blackhouse Arbor Employee Resource Group (ERG). To learn more about the dynamic world of EMEA content marketing or to share a dog trick or two, feel free to connect with Adrina on LinkedIn.

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