Greenhouse spring 2024 new releases designed to decrease time to fill and streamline the recruiting process

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Ever feel like you’re constantly switching between apps and tabs? You’re not alone – the average worker moves between 13 apps 30 times a day. With all that jumping from one tool to the next, it’s no wonder many of us feel our attention is fragmented and fractured – but it doesn’t have to be. Greenhouse’s latest packaged release for spring 2024 is here to cut down on the time you take to bounce between apps, helping you decrease your time to hire and streamline your recruiting process.

In 2024, we have a variety of valuable tools that will help you become measurably better at hiring. A key focus this year will be harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to help make your recruiting process more efficient, effective and equitable. Starting this quarter, you’ll see that AI is more prominent among our themes of streamlining workflows, making candidates active stakeholders in hiring and gathering actionable insights.

Let’s take a closer look at the powerful tools that will help you streamline your recruiting process and automate tasks from sourcing through to offer, all together in Greenhouse.

Craft engaging and tailored recruitment emails with the help of AI

Communication is pivotal in the recruiting process when you’re attracting top-tier talent and building your employer brand – but crafting engaging and tailored recruitment emails can be a time-intensive challenge. Greenhouse Sourcing Automation customers can now use AI to generate content when creating a campaign or new step.

Removing the constraints of starting from scratch means recruiters can save time when drafting outbound sourcing emails and focus more on candidate relationships and interviewing activities. And with the ability to preview responses prior to choosing to insert or discard the suggested copy, you’re still in full control of all messaging.

Save time with a streamlined candidate profile experience

The new candidate profile experience enables a more actionable and intuitive workflow for all users and roles across your organization, from recruiters to hiring managers.

The redesigned profile will allow hiring teams to more easily navigate the candidate profile page and stay accountable, leading to more efficient workflows and a more focused overall experience.

Reduce time to fill and reach candidates more effectively through texting

Keeping candidates engaged throughout the hiring process – especially in high-volume settings – can often be a challenge. Lapses in communication can cause candidates to lose interest or prioritize opportunities from other employers. With Greenhouse’s new premium embedded texting solution, powered by Grayscale, users can engage candidates through automated 1:1 and bulk messaging campaigns.

Alongside other outreach methods, texting campaigns will also be logged on the Greenhouse activity feed to track engagement over time. Maintaining regular candidate communication and tracking it in Greenhouse can reduce time to fill for key roles and minimize ghosting. Plus, reaching candidates through a new channel differentiates your outreach and connects you with talent more effectively.

Accelerate document workflows without leaving Greenhouse

No more losing time getting documents signed and finalized. A new embedded solution with Adobe allows users and candidates to upload, electronically sign and return documents within Greenhouse Recruiting, reducing the time it takes to get documents signed and finalized.

Enhance efficiency for a better hiring experience for everyone

There’s more pressure than ever to be productive, but productivity takes a dip when our attention is divided. With Greenhouse’s latest releases, you can streamline and simplify your workflow, creating a better experience for candidates, hiring managers and talent acquisition teams. Ultimately, these updates enhance efficiency so you can decrease time to fill and achieve your company’s most ambitious goals.

Check out more details on our spring releases and get a preview of what else we’re launching this year here.

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Sneha Patel

Sneha Patel

is a Product Marketing Manager at Greenhouse, where she works closely with our product teams to deliver new features to customers. Prior to Greenhouse, Sneha worked as a Product Marketer in the digital advertising industry. She lives in Austin, Texas, and when she’s not working, she spends her time traveling the world. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.

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