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We are excited to introduce candidate self-scheduling, a more efficient scheduling tool available directly through Greenhouse Recruiting. Find out how this new feature enhances the interview experience, saves both candidates and hiring teams time and accelerates the hiring process.

There’s no denying that companies are hiring at one of the most rapid rates in recent memory. 78% of companies report that hiring will increase throughout H2-2021, with some planning on headcount increases of up to 50%. To meet these ambitious staffing goals, the need for a structured interview process that puts the candidate at the center is more important than ever.

With more candidates applying for multiple positions at a time, hiring teams have no choice but to make the interview process straightforward and convenient. And in this crowded hiring environment, giving candidates more agency over how they schedule interviews is an increasing expectation.

Current interview scheduling challenges

Confirming interview availability presents certain logistical roadblocks for both candidates and hiring teams. Back-and-forth communication over scheduling typically means more time and more coordination, which can slow down the interview process. Efficiently confirming key details can be the difference in both securing the best interview time and giving candidates the best impression of your hiring process.

Ensuring interviews are on the calendar is also essential to maintaining candidate engagement. With so many candidates applying for open roles, hiring teams are looking for ways to reduce the burdens of scheduling and keep candidates excited, while managing all aspects of the candidate experience from one place.

How candidate self-scheduling is the answer

Greenhouse is excited to introduce candidate self-scheduling, a more efficient scheduling tool available directly through Greenhouse Recruiting. We know this type of feature is essential, not optional, for structured hiring and achieving talent acquisition goals. Giving candidates more control over how interviews are scheduled has long been a priority for hiring teams, but has often required integrating with a third-party provider or going through a manual confirmation process. Now you don’t have to look further than Greenhouse Recruiting to enhance the scheduling experience for candidates, and save your team time in the process.

Convenience for candidates

With this new self-scheduling tool, candidates can select the most convenient time for their interviews themselves, based on preset options sent by hiring teams. Once scheduled, they automatically receive a confirmation with key interview details so they can spend more time preparing and less time on logistics.

A sense of empowerment

A great candidate experience extends beyond logistics. With Greenhouse self-scheduling, each candidate can choose to submit their personal pronouns and name pronunciation when they submit their availability. Because we believe that the experience should not only be as convenient as possible, but also as inclusive as possible.

More efficiency for hiring teams

Hiring teams can now empower candidates to choose the best interview time for them as part of the scheduling process in Greenhouse. Once interviews are scheduled, interviewers can conveniently access key interview details, including interview kits, directly from the calendar invitation that’s auto-assigned to them. And with integrations with major video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, each hiring team can ensure their preferred platform is integrated directly into this new workflow.

It’s time to give your candidates more control over scheduling and reduce the operational burden on your hiring team. In a period of unprecedented competition for talent, the features in this new tool will help Greenhouse customers achieve their ambitious hiring goals and stand out from the crowd.

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Ben McNelly

Ben McNelly

is a Product Marketing Manager at Greenhouse, where he works closely with our partnerships and product teams to deliver new features to customers. Prior to Greenhouse, Ben worked in K-12 education technology and nonprofit serving educators and students. He lives in Arlington, Massachusetts, and can probably be found in the kitchen trying a new recipe when he’s not working. Connect with him on LinkedIn here.

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