Create a seamless onboarding process with the Greenhouse onboarding x Namely and BambooHR Integrations

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The time between receiving an offer and starting at a new company can be fraught for new hires. This time period can feel like an unsettling “employment limbo” where emotions are high. The excitement built up during the recruiting process can quickly turn into anxiety without the right tools in place.

Before their start date, new hires are often left in the dark about who they’ll be working with, what day to day life at the company is like, or even when to arrive on day one. All of this uncertainty can lead to them questioning if they made the right choice by signing with your company. With the release of both the Namely and BambooHR integrations, Greenhouse Onboarding is even better equipped to automate and streamline the onboarding process and prepare both People teams and new hires for success.

People Team Benefit

While new hires are anxiously waiting to learn more about their new job, People teams are working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everything goes right when the new hire walks in the door. The team manages and shares information across multiple stakeholders to ensure the new hire will get an email address, be paid on time and that the company employment practices stay compliant.

Greenhouse Onboarding can now also be used to collect and automate the flow of employee information through HR systems. Necessary information like SSN, Gender, Marital Status,and profile photo, can be provided by the new hire prior to day one and seamlessly shared from Greenhouse Onboarding to Namely or BambooHR.

Previously, sharing new hire information prior to start date was a manual process. Information was shared via email, spreadsheets, or copy and pasted across systems. Now, the new hire’s information can be collected prior to day one and accessed by all parties directly in Namely or BambooHR, ensuring that all parties are using your company’s system of record to process new hires.

New Hire Benefit

Onboarding can and should be so much more than one new hire orientation on the team member’s first day. The sooner you begin the onboarding process for a new employee, the better your chances of integrating them into the company quickly.

Greenhouse Onboarding gives the new hire a single source of truth between offer and start date, where they can go to get all of their lingering questions answered. New hires can use Greenhouse Onboarding to learn about the company, what to expect in their first week, and to provide any necessary information like emergency contact or SSN. New hires feel welcomed onto the team even before they physically enter the office.

With Greenhouse Onboarding’s Namely and BambooHR integrations, any information collected from the new hire can be used to create a profile in the preferred system long before their start date. Once a new hire has filled in all their required fields Greenhouse Onboarding, the People team will be notified. Once the People team has confirmed everything looks good, they can export the new hire’s record and create a Namely or BambooHR profile with a single click.

Now, instead of spending their first day filling out paperwork, the new hire can concentrate on learning their job, getting to know their coworkers, and finding out about the best lunch spots. And instead of chasing down spreadsheets and PII, the People Team can concentrate on giving the new hire a welcoming experience that they’ll never forget.

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