Announcing General Assembly as Greenhouse Open’s new education partner

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As if these 10 reasons to attend our annual conference & networking event Greenhouse Open weren’t enough, things just got even better.

We are thrilled to announce that education platform General Assembly (GA) is joining Greenhouse Open as an education partner, working to support the curriculum design of the pre-event Structured Recruiting Workshop on May 25th. This workshop is in addition to the main event, taking place May 26-27th and featuring an array of thought leaders in the Talent Acquisition, People Ops, and HR industries, including David Sacks, CEO of Zenefits, Stacy Zapar, Founder of Tenfold, and Neil Frye, Global Head of Operations & Technology (People) at Dropbox.

General Assembly, based in San Francisco, is a global education company on a mission to empower everyone to pursue the work they love to do. Notably, GA focuses on providing students and working professionals with opportunities for skill development and graduate education placement. Encouraging people to “skill up,” GA enables anyone to gain expertise in areas like business, design, and technology through both in-person and online courses as well as corporate trainings.

Adam Spivak, Director of Global Business Development at General Assembly, explains the company’s involvement with Greenhouse Open: “As part of our dedication to helping individuals get recognized by employers for what they can do, we continue to seek out opportunities, tools, and solutions to help employers hire the right people to help their companies grow. We hope that our best-in-class instruction will support thoughtful discussions, powerful interactions, and expanded knowledge around the relevant topics explored during the pre-event workshop at Greenhouse Open.”

Clearly, there’s no question that General Assembly, with its education-first platform, is the perfect partner for our featured Structured Recruiting Workshop, which will provide attendees with thorough instruction in structured recruiting best practices. The workshop will promote a collaborative, participatory environment, enabling people to learn and acquire hard skills they can immediately apply to their jobs, such as:

  • kicking off a job search in partnership with a hiring manager
  • creating structured interview question kits
  • running a feedback session on potential candidates.

But this workshop is not the only hands-on aspect of the event. We’ve designed the entire conference to be interactive, with numerous opportunities for attendees, like you, to engage meaningfully with other professionals and leaders in the Talent Acquisition, People Ops, and HR space. Just think: What’s a better place to gain inspiration and work through your challenges and questions than in a setting full of other forward-thinking people-people who understand the ins & outs and ups & downs of your daily work and routine? It’s time to come together—learn, share, and walk away with clear, actionable tips to help you bring more value to your organization than ever before.