3 Strategies to build your hr dream team

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Recruiting great talent for your company is a big challenge in and of itself; but recruiting a great HR team is a whole other story. Unfortunately, finding the right talent to build an HR dream team is tough for even the most experienced recruiters. This can be due to the mandate for HRs indicates HR should be a strategic business partner, and an agent for ongoing change and transformation in the workplace.

And let’s not forget the fact that a talented HR professional will be able to see right through any weaknesses or mistakes in the process, which could turn them away from pursuing the opportunity.

The HR team is essentially the people-focused department that sets the tone for growth and development within a company. The recruiters and team builders that your business needs are out there. Reeling them in and building an exceptional team will require exceptional effort on your part.

Here is how you can find the perfect HR professionals to make up your dream team with simple, yet smart recruiting strategies.

Incorporate Data into Every Decision

One of the hottest topics in the HR industry right now is how big data will affect the practices and productivity of the department. Whether it’s using AI for the recruiting process or applying predictive analytics for workforce planning, there are many benefits that big data can offer forward-thinking HR teams. Plus, big data has the potential to help you construct the most ideal HR department in two very important ways.

First, it can ensure that you find the right HR professionals from the start. 94% of HR teams that currently use a data-based software agree that it has significantly improved the hiring process; it has proved much easier to assess a candidate’s skills and qualifications.

Many systems can automatically qualify applicants through based on overlap between experience and the job description, in turn saving hiring managers the task of manually sifting through application. There are also data-backed assessments that can match up skill levels and even personality traits for culture fit. A data-focused recruiting strategy improves the candidate experience by making the entire hiring process more transparent.

Secondly, incorporating big data into hiring decisions can work to set a pattern for a smarter, more informed HR department down the road. Not only will it set the precedence for how future recruiting and hiring decisions will be handled, it also encourages HR teams to embrace big data tools into every aspect of the department.

Keep Practices Digitally Relevant

While job boards and company websites are still the first places that many job seekers look for available openings, social media is quickly climbing the ranks as the best resource for finding new career opportunities. An increasing number of candidates search for jobs through their connections on LinkedIn and other digital platforms.

Be sure that you use social media to your advantage during the recruiting process. Job seekers will judge you, or at least form an opinion based on your company’s social media presence. Three out of every four candidates will research and consider a company’s brand before applying for an available position. Therefore, it’s essential that your social recruiting strategies communicate positive branding messages.

Again, HR professionals are the experts (or they should be) when it comes to recruiting trends and using social media for talent acquisition. Posting job openings on social sites is a great start, but make sure that the content your business puts out is attractive to candidates as well. Content, social media, and the candidate experience all play huge roles in employer brand building, so be sure to use them wisely in order to find the best HR talent available.

Make Organization a Part of the Culture

Over half of job seekers agree that understanding a company’s values is important prior to pursuing employment opportunities. If your business wants to attract the best HR talent available, it must clearly show that it values organization and strong internal structures. No one wants to work for a business that is unorganized and chaotic, and your company certainly does not want to hire people that lack these important qualities. Before your team starts looking for HR talent, it is important to design a recruiting strategy that guarantees an organized and smooth experience.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, incorporating project management tools can be a great start. Set up procedures that ensure organization throughout the company and make sure those practices are clear when hiring HR teams so that they will be able to adopt them into their daily practice.

Organization is vital to the HR department’s success, but it is important that the standards and rules are set in place before that first hire is made. Organized companies are up to 40% more productive and efficient, making them more successful and therefore attractive to potential candidates.

Additionally, organizational practices that are apparent during the hiring process will set a standard for new team members to abide by. Keep in mind, skilled HR pros can see disorganization from a mile away. If you want to recruit the best, you need to provide the best.

Get Started

Building a fantastic HR team from scratch is not easy, so it is important that your business finds, attracts, and retains the perfect professionals to join the department. As your company searches to find the most exceptional additions to the team, there must be a strategy and plan in place to create a strong recruiting plan from the very beginning.

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