Flexibility is key: Results from the 2023 Greenhouse Candidate Experience Report

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You know it’s important to collect feedback from candidates in order to improve your candidate experience, but do you ever worry they’re holding back their honest opinions? With economic uncertainty and shifts in hiring trends, candidates might not be comfortable offering total transparency in their conversations with recruiters. At Greenhouse, we get that candidate sentiment can be a hard thing to pin down, so we surveyed over 1,200 US-based employees to get the full scoop. Here’s what the data in the 2023 Candidate Experience Report reveals about hybrid work, pay transparency, DE&I and much more.

Candidates are ready to walk if companies don’t embrace hybrid work

One of the report’s key findings? Hybrid work is more than a pandemic perk. The large majority (76%) of candidates say they would actively search for or be open to a new job if their company rolled back flexible work policies. Plus, offering hybrid work options may help you be more inclusive. Candidates from historically underrepresented groups are nearly one-quarter (22%) more likely to look for jobs if their company no longer offers flexible policies.

If you fail to be flexible on this front, you’re likely to struggle to hire top talent – 42% of candidates will not apply for a role if it doesn’t offer their preferred working model. According to the survey, 40% of candidates prefer the hybrid model, while 12% prefer a fully remote work setup.

Pay transparency is paramount – even when it’s not mandated

Some states like Colorado, California and Rhode Island have already mandated that employers publish salary ranges for all job descriptions. But the Candidate Experience Report reveals that transparency is a top priority for candidates across the country. In fact, candidates value pay transparency so much that a company’s choice to publish salary ranges can influence their decision to apply to a role. Almost half (43%) of respondents are more likely to apply to a job posting that includes a salary range while 21% of respondents are less likely to or will not apply to a role if it doesn’t include one.

Flexibility, fairness and pay transparency instill trust in a company. Leaders that haven’t been listening to candidates and employees in recent years will be forced to realize that work has undergone a massive shift, and they can either adapt to this new world or lose out on top talent, and ultimately, business success.
– Donald Knight, Chief People Officer at Greenhouse

Candidates reveal what makes job listings more attractive

In addition to flexibility and transparency, candidates say there are several ways companies can stand out with their job listings.

  • The four-day workweek is compelling to candidates. Over half (56%) say they would apply to a job that offers it.
  • A positive work environment attracts candidates to new roles, especially in the form of increased compensation/salary, greater job security and career advancement opportunities.
  • A reasonable list of requirements can often make or break a candidate’s decision to apply for a role. Over one-fifth of candidates (21%) say they will not apply for a job unless they fit all the skills required.

Candidates and employees alike expect respect

A surprisingly large majority – 67% of candidates – say they have been ghosted by employers after a job interview. It’s especially disheartening to hear that historically underrepresented candidates face an almost 25% higher chance of being ghosted. For companies trying to meet their DE&I goals, this is a stark reminder that their actions may not be aligned with their stated intentions.

And let’s not forget about current employees, either. Their top reasons for seeking new jobs include less competitive compensation and a lack of clear career advancement opportunities in their current role. And 16% say their employer’s lack of commitment to DE&I has led them to seek work elsewhere, further emphasizing the fact that DE&I is a true priority for today’s candidates.

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Melissa Suzuno

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