Working smarter: What the best recruiters do to win

This session recording is from Greenhouse Open Conference 2022

In hiring, the right technology and strategies can create the ideal conditions for recruiting efficiency and effectiveness. But what exactly do top recruiters do to win top talent? And what technology do they rely on?

In this session, Hung Lee, Curator of Recruiting Brainfood, will guide an enlightening panel discussion with recruiting leaders from NPR, Modernizing Medicine, BlockFi and SeatGeek to explore the specific tools and techniques of elite TA teams.


  • Hung Lee, Curator at Recruiting Brainfood (host)
  • Anessa Fike, Founder and CEO at Fike & Co and Interim Head of Talent Acquisition at NPR
  • Diane Dagher, Associate Vice President of Talent at Modernizing Medicine
  • Bryan Sherwood, VP of Talent Acquisition at BlockFi
  • Frank Cebek, Director of Recruiting at SeatGeek