50 ways to be a Talent Maker: Your guide to making hiring a strategic business advantage

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It’s not news that hiring great people is very competitive. But what are great companies doing differently?

Getting great at hiring isn’t only about highly effective recruiters. It’s a company-wide commitment, driven by leaders who see talent as a strategic advantage for their business. At Greenhouse, we call these leaders Talent Makers™.

We’ve developed this guide on 50 ways to be a Talent Maker based on our experiences working with hiring managers, recruiting teams and business leaders at companies of all sizes and industries.

The amazing thing about being a Talent Maker is that there are so many ways to put it into practice. There’s no expectation to check all the boxes in this guide. Rather, we encourage you to select the activities that make sense with what you’re already doing. In fact, you may spot a few you already utilize – make a commitment to do them more frequently, or partner with others in your company to make a bigger impact.

Sample pages of the 50 way to be a Greenhouse Talent Maker eBook

This eBook will equip you with:

  • An understanding of the Talent Maker mindset and how to use it to your advantage
  • Actionable tips on how to attract, hire and onboard talent to drive business growth
  • Proven strategies and tactics that have been compiled through interviews with leaders – from talent directors to CEOs
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Become a Talent Maker

We’re leading a new conversation about hiring because the companies that are great at bringing on the right people have a clear advantage. Here’s what they do differently.

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The Greenhouse Talent Maker primer

Learn how leaders are transforming the way their companies attract, hire and onboard talent to drive business growth.