Build healthy pipelines of passive candidates with prospect posts

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A talented job seeker is excited about your company and checks out your career page, but sees you don’t have any open jobs matching their skills or experience level. A week later, you post a role that would have been a perfect fit, but they’ve already moved on and applied elsewhere.

Right now, companies are losing out on interested and qualified candidates because they don’t have a great way to collect their information when current roles don’t align. That means when a new role opens, recruiters are often starting from scratch and doing a ton of manual outreach to build a prospect pipeline.

What are prospect posts?

Prospect Posts give you an on-brand method to collect prospect information, effectively organize incoming prospects, and build a talent community of future candidates interested in your company.

With Prospect Posts, you can create general applications on your career page tailored to prospects. Prospects can submit their information and express interest in your company without applying to a specific job. These prospects will be funneled directly into Greenhouse’s CRM so you can begin building relationships and engaging them right away.

Company benefit

When a new role opens, recruiting teams work tirelessly to source and find qualified candidates so they can begin aligning on the right profile with the hiring manager and get interviews rolling.

Starting a search without an existing database of talent can be daunting, and requires significant investment and time to find the right people.

Prospect Posts helps your company create a larger database of prospects who have already expressed interest in working for you. They’ve taken the first step in starting a relationship with your company by taking the time to share information about themselves.

As these prospects flow into your account, you can begin engaging them immediately by sending an automated follow-up email. Your team can also review their applications, move them to relevant jobs, flag promising profiles for hiring managers, and when the time is right, convert them to candidates.

By continually collecting interested prospects, you can expand your reach and nurture a wider group of potential candidates.

Prospect benefit

When a prospect has no way to raise their hand to express interest, they resort to applying to irrelevant roles that aren’t a fit or attempting to contact the company directly through LinkedIn or guessing recruiters’ email addresses.

That makes it challenging to organize these prospects effectively, and companies often lose out on great talent because they’re unable to find these people later or engage them in the normal prospecting workflows.

Using Prospect Posts allows you to create a great experience tailored toward prospects and design an application that will collect the information you need to categorize and find talent in the future. Giving prospects an opportunity to connect with you builds your talent community and enables you to always be recruiting for roles you don’t even have open yet.