Anaplan delivers a quality new hire experience with Greenhouse Welcome

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Anaplan is a multidimensional data planning software platform that transforms how companies see, plan and run their business. Anaplan has grown rapidly since their founding in 2007 and now employs 2,100+ people across 21 global offices, serving over 1,700 customers.

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Greenhouse Welcome has helped us achieve continuity to ensure that all of our employees are on the same page.
Diana Sekhon, Program Manager, People Operations at Anaplan

With more and more employees joining globally, the Anaplan team needed to communicate with new hires in a more automated fashion and provide them all with the same information about what to expect as employees. They soon realized they needed to explore an additional tool to manage their growing onboarding needs. In this case study, discover how Anaplan achieved these onboarding goals with Greenhouse Welcome.