The Greenhouse + VidCruiter integration is here

Vid Cruiter

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The VidCruiter software suite helps recruiters and hiring managers streamline their recruitment efforts, helping them find the best employees much faster. Now, Greenhouse clients can take advantage of the VidCruiter platform as an extension of their ATS thanks to a recent partnership between the two companies.

What is VidCruiter?

VidCruiter is a recruitment software company which specializes in providing video interviewing solutions to companies of any size all around the globe. We offer both live and pre-recorded video interviewing solutions, as well as additional recruitment products, such as automated reference checking, skills testing software, digital onboarding and more. This integration works not only with our video interviewing software, but with our entire recruitment software stack.

What are the benefits of utilizing video software for structured interviewing?

A structured process substantially improves the predictive validity of a candidate when compared to an unstructured interview. That’s why we created VidCruiter’s built-in digital structured interview system to support and encourage the use of structured interviews, so you can be certain the person you’re hiring is right for the job.

That said, there’s one aspect of the software users love above all else: The customization. Every aspect of both the live and pre-recorded systems are customizable, so recruiters can set up the workflow exactly how they need it to function and make changes as required. All of this leads to a positive, seamless experience for both the interviewer and candidate.

What does this integration mean for Greenhouse clients?

The VidCruiter system was designed to make identifying top candidates as easy as possible. As a result of this integration, Greenhouse customers will be able to take advantage of better insights into their candidates which will lead to making better, more informed hiring decisions.

To start, the two softwares will be able to “talk” to each other, by ensuring the free flow of data between both systems. Any candidate data entered into Greenhouse, for example, will automatically be sent to the VidCruiter platform so you don’t have to duplicate your work.

Our system has a reporting function, which is handy when it comes to evaluating your candidates. The system takes the information from VidCruiter and Greenhouse, generating a report to help you track what is happening with each candidate, who scored highest overall, and more.

Hiring teams will also experience better collaboration between recruiters, hiring managers and anyone else involved. VidCruiter’s system allows you to send candidate profiles to anyone on your team, whether they have a login or not. You can choose to add any information to the profile before you send it (including data from Greenhouse) and remove any unnecessary or confidential information. This makes it easy to get many opinions about a candidate, leading to a confident hiring decision.

“Adding VidCruiter’s live video interviewing tool to our roster has changed the way we connect and engage with candidates. Beyond the obvious time savings that come from meeting in an online environment, the marriage between VidCruiter and Greenhouse has helped us standardize and streamline our entire interview process and the candidate experience has improved as a result.”

- Phillip VanDenstorm - Greenhouse User, Nexient

The positive experience also extends beyond the interviews itself. Recruiters will also be able to move seamlessly from one system to the other, having all the information they need at the tip of their fingers no matter which platform they’re working in at the moment. This results in less frustration caused by repetitive tasks and more time actively evaluating candidates.

If you want to start taking advantage of this integration or you are simply looking to learn more about video interviewing, connect with us to find out how to schedule a free live demo. Let’s chat recruiting.