Surpassing 250 distinct integration Partners: A word from Greenhouse’s Director of Partnerships

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We have an exciting milestone to share with you, as we announce that Greenhouse has eclipsed 250 distinct integration partners. Greenhouse has cultivated the largest distinct partner integration ecosystem for a talent acquisition suite in the market.

I want to look beyond the number and share what this means.

It’s more than 250 partners. It’s how we have grown these relationships and built our partner ecosystem with a customer-centric approach.

Our success is predicated on our adherence to three core principles:

  • Create a trusted ecosystem for customers to build their tech stacks
  • Foster an environment that attracts a strong developer community
  • Deploy a framework that supports sustained growth for our partners

1. Create a trusted ecosystem for customers to build their tech stacks

With thousands of Greenhouse customers, we are keenly aware of the demand on Talent professionals to leverage new tools to broaden their tech stacks and drive impact for their businesses. Giving customers the ability to select from a vast and varied network of products and to know that those solutions are integrated into Greenhouse is critical.

“Whenever we think about adding to our tech stack, we immediately look to see if there is an integration with Greenhouse, as our goal is to make sure our systems are working together simply and elegantly," said Nick Reyland, Squarespace's Operations Lead, People Tech. “Squarespace uses the best-in-class software, and we're already making the most of Greenhouse's extensive partner network with 10 integrations.”

Greenhouse makes adding new integrations easy, by offering ready-to-use integrations free of charge, removing a key roadblock in the purchasing cycle.

Having access to the largest network of distinct integrations partners means our customers can build winning tech stacks unique to their organization. All of this yields a competitive advantage for customers to improve their hiring processes at every stage.

2. Foster an environment that attracts a strong developer community

To build the largest set of distinct partners, we focused on making integration easy.

We made a decision in the early days of Greenhouse to build out open and robust APIs for our customers and partners so they could layer in their solutions on top of Greenhouse. Allowing partners to access these APIs without restrictions and providing a streamlined onboarding process has made it easy for those partners to choose Greenhouse first. That investment has paid off.

“A big part of Canvas’ strategy relies on our deep integrations so partnering with a company that has such flexible APIs was critical to our success. It’s why we selected Greenhouse as our first integration partner; they made the integration process seamless and have been incredibly easy to partner with as we’ve scaled our business.” - Aman Brar, CEO, Canvas

Companies like Canvas, Interview Schedule and Expensify have decided to integrate with Greenhouse first.

Our welcoming approach to partnership and the depth of our APIs enables us to bring innovative partners from a variety of disciplines across AI, data visualization, recruitment marketing and more into our ecosystem.

3. Deploy a framework that supports sustained growth for our partners

We maintain strong partnerships by delivering value to our partners. Our approach to partnering has enabled the best solutions to gain momentum with customers.

“As a tech-first background check provider, the ability for us to create seamless integrations is key to our success. Working with Greenhouse to create an optimal experience for our mutual customers has powered a significant amount of growth on both of our platforms.” - Kristen Faris, VP, Industry Strategy, Checkr

We know that the more value we deliver for our partners, the more they invest in delivering first-class integrations and service to our customers. This means better experiences for our joint users in addition to building the right combination of solutions to suit their HR technology needs.

It’s been a big year for the growth of our partner ecosystem, and we expect more exciting things to come in 2019!

Want to learn more about Greenhouse partners and how they can be help optimize your recruiting efforts? Check out our integrations page to see the complete list.

Thanks to Dane Hurtubise, Jillian Trubee, Emily Brooks and Dinah Alobeid for reading drafts of this post.