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Join the Talent Makers to win at hiring

Finding, attracting and hiring the right people is more competitive and more vital to business growth than ever before, demanding that the entire organisation is engaged in the hiring process. And if you want to attract the best, you have to be the best. We’re so excited to share that Greenhouse will host a session at RecFest UK called Embracing the Talent Makers mindset: How to build a culture of great hiring.

In this session, Greenhouse General Manager of EMEA Colm O’ Cuinneain will share how organisations win through a structured, inclusive and collaborative hiring process. He'll share the framework for talent making – how leaders prioritize strategic hiring and act on it – and tips for developing exceptional talent strategies that lead to great teams.

As the hiring heroes and business leaders who are changing the way organisations prioritize and invest in talent, Talent Makers™ at people-first companies are the ones that will win in their markets. From your hiring strategy, to your employer brand, right through to your candidate experience, talent making should be both a process and a mindset across your organisation. Colm draws from his own journey of scaling Greenhouse Software in EMEA, exploring how being a Talent Maker means being a hiring hero who makes the difference.

Hiring, and work in general, is undergoing a seismic shift right now, and it has never been more important for leaders and hiring teams to get it right. It starts with a structured process and with taking on a Talent Maker mindset to impress candidates and make the process as fair and seamless for everyone involved as possible. That’s what I’ll be digging into on the RecFest stage.
–Colm O’Cuinneain, General Manager of EMEA at Greenhouse

What department leaders can expect to gain

Tools for being a catalyst for change: Learn to become a great partner to your talent team and lead the charge in attracting and retaining talent.

The Talent Maker mindset: Hiring is not just a job for recruiters. Find out how a new mindset can help turn your organisation into a people-first company.

Ideas for improving your relationships with recruiters: Understand the power of your role in hiring and how strong partnerships with recruiters can change the game.

What talent practitioners can expect to gain

Strategies for getting rid of chaos in your hiring process: Your hiring process may need some work. You’ll learn how to prioritize strategic hiring to drive business success.

Practical tips for reducing bias in hiring: Learn how to mitigate bias through data-driven and scalable structured hiring practices that can help you hire the right person for the role.

Tools and practices to deliver more value to your business partners: Understand the value of great hiring and learn how to communicate it to leadership for more buy-in.

Join us at RecFest! Visit us at Stand #8, right by the Insights Stage and book into Colm’s session, which starts at 10:15 am on the Brand Experience Stage. Talent Maker discussions will also continue at our stand – book some time to join in via the agenda.

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Sorcha de Grás

Sorcha de Grás

is an International Marketing Manager at Greenhouse, where she is responsible for marketing strategy focused on building brand in our EMEA region. When she’s not growing our global brand, she enjoys her time hiking and sea swimming.

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