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Being a recruiter means you’re always juggling multiple priorities. While there’s urgency around the roles you need to fill right now, you’re also thinking about mid-term goals like building your employer brand, scaling your team or expanding your pipeline for future roles. Greenhouse certainly gets it. This fall we’re excited to share that we’ve launched new Greenhouse features that will help you keep candidates engaged, effectively scale your teams, foster accountability and discover new talent.

Build stronger relationships with prospective candidates

Even if you don’t have the right role open today, you most likely want to continue to build relationships and engage with promising potential candidates over time. Our new “nurture” campaign type in Sourcing Automation will now help you keep your employer brand top of mind, so when the time is right, those high-quality prospects can become active candidates.

Within Sourcing Automation, take advantage of the “featured” job posts token in nurture campaigns so you can automatically spotlight open roles that may pique prospective candidates’ interest. You’re saving time and creating a better candidate experience since prospects no longer have to search for relevant roles. Now you can also now add videos to campaign steps in Sourcing Automation, so it’s easier than ever to share additional information about your company in a more engaging way.

Own every moment of your hiring experience

When you’re looking to grow your team, efficiency is the name of the game. You now have the option to send automated reminders to candidates about their upcoming interviews. No more relying on third-party tools – simply click the checkbox and email reminders will go out to candidates 24 hours before their scheduled interview. It’s one less manual step for you that leads to greater efficiency, fewer no-shows and a more seamless and thoughtful candidate experience.

Tap into internal talent pools

What’s one of the best places to find talent who’s bought into your mission, vision and values? Your dedicated current employees.

Enhance your talent discovery capabilities and internal mobility with a “featured” internal job post. This allows you to spotlight specific high-priority roles in your internal mobility emails, increasing visibility and access to internal roles for all employees.

Establish more accountability on your team

Interview scorecards are the foundation for structured hiring, so we’re proud to share that we’ve streamlined the scorecard experience. Focus attributes (attributes and skills required for a role) are more visible throughout – you’ll see them in the order they were created instead of in alphabetical order – and they’ll be tagged to interview questions on both submitted and unsubmitted scorecards. Plus, a scorecard edit badge will now appear within the candidate profile and scorecard to indicate if a scorecard has been edited, ensuring hiring teams stay accountable with any edits made after submission.

Additionally, role-based approvals give you greater flexibility and customization on how you manage approval flows. You can now spend less time managing approvals and assign approvers based on role, rather than adding individual users to jobs. You’ll boost efficiency and reduce errors while streamlining and simplifying a recurring task.

Support your organization as you scale

Your company leaders often come to you with questions about the future. How many candidates will be accepting offers by a specific date? When will you be able to make a critical hire? While you can’t eliminate all uncertainty from the hiring process, “offer forecast” (a revamped version of Greenhouse Predicts) provides more accurate forecasts for candidate offer acceptance and new hire start dates. Greenhouse continues to iterate and enhance our current functionality to account for changes in the hiring landscape and ensure a level of accuracy we can stand behind. This helps you make the most informed decisions for your team and more effectively communicate with your stakeholders like hiring managers and finance teams.

While you’ll always have a lot on your plate as a recruiter, we believe these new releases will make it much easier to manage several of your top priorities. You’ll now be better positioned to keep candidates engaged while scaling your team and discovering new talent. We can’t wait to see everything you’re capable of.

Check out more details on our fall releases and get a preview of what else we’re launching this year here.

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Ben McNelly

Ben McNelly

is a Product Marketing Manager at Greenhouse, where he works closely with our partnerships and product teams to deliver new features to customers. Prior to Greenhouse, Ben worked in K-12 education technology and nonprofit serving educators and students. He lives in Arlington, Massachusetts, and can probably be found in the kitchen trying a new recipe when he’s not working. Connect with him on LinkedIn here.

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